A Brief History of Corporate Teambuilding

In the grand sweep of human history, corporate teambuilding is a relatively new thing. And, there’s a reason why corporate team building is still a gold standard: corporate teambuilding transforms team performance.

It started to be “a thing” almost a century ago, when researchers tinkered around with working conditions (lighting, salary, working hours, and so forth) in factories to see what effects they had on employee performance and productivity.

The “Hawthorne Studies,” as they are now known, reached a startling conclusion (startling for 1933):

1933: The most powerful influencer of employee performance and productivity was being part of a group – feeling the sense of social support and cohesion that comes with belonging and sharing a group identity. 

World War II: Fast-forward to World War II, when the US Navy investigated the reasons older sailors experienced higher survival rates in combat than younger sailors. They concluded their survival had more to do with greater life experience — the older sailors could tolerate discomfort, stress, and pressure much better than the younger ones.

To improve their chances of survival, the Navy developed a program to give new recruits a “crash course” in life experience, focusing on developing self-awareness, self-confidence, resiliency, and determination.

That original Navy training morphed into “Outward Bound,” and became available to the public. While at first the program focused on providing life skills to at-risk youth, insightful business leaders began adapting its principles to corporate training. They added research-based tools, models, and exercises. And employees began seeing corporate teambuilding as an opportunity and a reward.  

Thus the corporate teambuilding industry was born. And it’s still a thriving industry, for good reasons, capable of transforming individual and organizational performance. 

How to Bring the Benefits of corporate teambuilding to YOUR Organization

When you’re ready for a transformation in connection, collaboration, creativity, and culture to achieve uncommon results, we’d love to talk with you.

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Beautiful Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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