Clearing Conversations:
Conflict Resolution at the Workplace

Unify Your Teams. Boost Engagement.

Clearing Conversations = Conflict Resolution in the Workplace.

Repair organization-wide rifts

Repair organization-wide rifts

Build bridges between people and teams

Build bridges between people and teams

Soften old tensions

Soften old tensions

Clearing Conversations

What are Clearing Conversations?  Clearing conversations are structured, highly-facilitated sessions that create conflict resolution in the workplace.

  • Clearing Conversations address issues which – when unaddressed – drain your resources and lead to a stagnant culture, disengaged workforce, turnover and litigation
  • Highly facilitated, Clearing Conversations create conflict resolution at the workplace, without requiring your organization to open a Pandora’s box

How do Clearing Conversations work?

  1. First, our Difficult Conversations Training: we teach participants responsible ways to share concerns, and effective ways to listen. They practice these tools.
  2. Then, after securing each participants’ agreement to communicate using only these methods, we guide participants in an exploration of the real issues at hand. Sometimes participants have strong feelings about an issue. In these cases, we facilitate strongly. Firmly yet kindly we hold participants to the Clearing Conversations method. We have had remarkable success with even severely polarized teams, warring individuals and union-management.

Clearing Conversations can offer immediate return on investment with benefits that include:

  • Improved morale and productivity
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Restored vibrancy, creativity, and vision
  • Lowering of HR costs, litigation, backbiting, and the rumors that drain the workforce

Have questions about Clearing Conversations?  Contact us for a complimentary consultation. Conflict Resolution in the Workplace works.

Who will lead your Clearing Conversations?

Both of our company founders have offered conflict management training for many leading organizations, and have taught and facilitated Clearing Conversations.  See Founder/Coach profiles.

Business people shaking hands, conflict resolution in the workplace, conflict resolution at the workplace

What you can’t control

  1. Organizations are made up of people (your employees).
  2. Your employees arrive with emotion, egos, personal histories, and different perspectives.
Therefore, conflict is inevitable. How conflict is addressed is paramount to the results.  Conflict resolution in the workplace offers big ROI.

What you can control

Your choices, and you have only 2:
  1. Ignore the conflict. Result: Short term relief – but long term pains of lost productivity, lowered engagement, poisoned work teams, and a disengaged workforce
  2. Recognize that your people ARE your company. Address the necessary discussions. Result: improved engagement, lowered HR costs and higher company morale. Our Clearing Conversations and conflict management training program will make you wonder why you waited so long.  Difficult Conversations training offers the entire organization a sigh of relief. Due to such successful outcomes, it’s a joy for us to facilitate training conflict resolution.

Find Relief: Conflict Resolution at the Workplace.

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