Clearing Conversations:
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

We heal teams. We unify divisions.

With decades of success, our Clearing Conversations create conflict resolution in the workplace.

Repair organization-wide rifts

Soften decade-old tensions

Build bridges between unions and management

Clearing Conversations

  • Are initiated for issues that, when unaddressed, will drain your resources and lead to a stagnant culture, disengaged workforce, turnover and litigation
  • Do not require your organization to dredge up every issue, or hear feelings ad nauseum (we facilitate away from this)
  • Pay you back immediately with benefits, including:
    • Lowered HR costs, litigation, backbiting and rumors
    • Improved morale and productivity
    • Higher employee and leader engagement
    • Restored vibrancy, creativity and vision

Clearing Conversations: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

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Who will lead your Clearing Conversations?

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Coach profiles: Both of our company founders have offered conflict resolution services for many leading organizations.  Dan has both taught and facilitated Clearing Conversations for years. Sioux is extensively trained in mediation and group facilitation.  See Founder/Conflict Resolution Coach profiles.

What you can’t control

  1. Organizations are made up of people (your employees).
  2. Your employees arrive with emotion, egos, personal histories, and different perspectives.
Therefore, conflict is inevitable. How conflict is addressed is paramount to the results.  Conflict resolution in the workplace is instant ROI.

What you can control

Your choices, and you have 2:
  1. Ignore the conflict. Result: Short term relief but long term pains of lost productivity, lowered engagement, poisoned work teams, and a disengaged workforce
  2. Recognize that your people ARE your company. Address the necessary discussions. Result: improved engagement, lowered HR costs and higher company morale. Conflict resolution in the workplace just makes sense, and our Clearing Conversations will make you wonder why you waited so long.

    Clearing Conversations: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Clearing Conversations: Restore morale and productivity.

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