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After our decades of experience designing and facilitating transformational leadership trainings, we’ve hand selected these Gold Standard Leadership Trainings since the skills learned in each are essential for both senior and emerging leaders.

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Leadership Course Descriptions | Gold Standard Management Trainings

After decades of facilitating leadership training for some of the world’s preeminent organizations, we’ve hand-selected these Gold Standard Management Courses.  To develop high-performing leaders, offer them the best management training programs.

Coaching & Counseling Your Employees: Supportive + Corrective Action

  • 4.0 – 7.5 hours
  • This crucial and highly-interactive leadership experience coaches your leaders in the practical steps to understand when and how to coach direct reports. Participants will practice addressing both corrective action as well as conversations designed to help employees achieve goals and become higher performers. Highly interactive and use of customized role plays.
  • Coaching and counseling skills help to create trust between employees and senior management and ensure a productive and aligned workforce. A crucial leadership development training component.
  • Components:
    • Importance of managing employee resistance
    • Methodology for growing employees’ skills and career paths
    • Role play coaching employees using custom scenarios and our 4-step formula

Essential Time Management

  • 2 hours
  • This special Time Management training helps employees examine their unconscious habits for managing their time. Condensed into two hours, this powerful training packs in the essentials. Employees come out breathing huge sighs of relief as they re-wire their thinking on how to approach their daily and long-term tasks. Can improve productivity, and reduce burnout and negativity. This is an excellent training for new managers and seasoned managers alike.
  • Components:
    • How to prioritize tasks
    • How to ensure your primary tasks get completed
    • How to manage others’ expectations
    • Additional tips and techniques

DISC Personality-Behavior Team Understanding

  • 4 Hours
  • The DISC model is a non-blaming behavior-style indicator that creates understanding and team insights – gently. The DISC is widely used because of its simplicity and effectiveness. DISC will help each employee identify and appreciate the personality styles, dominant strengths – and the strengths/challenges of his/her coworkers. Each will also learn ways to develop their own strengths and work through their own challenges. The DISC model is inherently team building – and interesting! The DISC system becomes a lasting foundation for compassionate and effective interpersonal understanding among employees for years to come. We highly recommend that each participant complete the DISC Classic 2.0 Profile prior. Since this course is inherently team building, a detailed description can be found on our Team Building page.

Trust + Core Accountability

  • 2.5 – 4.0 hours
  • Increased accountability results in higher productivity and personal satisfaction. This leadership development training addresses the often unexpressed frustration with lagging accountability. It helps employees increase their own accountability through a variety of in-depth tools, thought-techniques, and practical exercises. Each participant will learn how to take responsibility for external events in ways that are usually far beyond what they had previously understood. This course is imperative for your management development training program as well as for your emerging leadership program.
  • Components:
    • Ramifications of not being accountable as a leader
    • Gaining deeper understanding of why we are not always accountable
    • Increasing accountability through a variety of Thinking Habits of Top Performers
    • Roleplay various techniques to deal with real-life scenarios.
    • Letting go of blame and taking ownership
    • Taking ownership for our teams’ mistakes
    • Taking ownership before someone notices your error

Support Your Team while Supporting Senior Management

  • 3 hours
  • Unique and Effective: One of the most difficult challenges for any leader is to support their staff’s needs and concerns while also supporting the policies, procedures, and direction of senior management.  Often a manager will be either compassionate with their employees (and join a gripe session against senior management), or the manager will so fiercely support upper management that s/he will lack empathy (and therefore credibility) with their staff. This leadership development training helps leaders learn how to support both teams, therefore decreasing divisions within the company and the “Us vs. Them” mentality that destroys organizations. This course is an essential part of any managers’ training program.

Critical Behavioral Interviewing Skills

  • 2 hours
  • This management development training provides leaders with simple yet pivotal skills to effectively weed out toxic applicants, and leads to stronger organizations and reduced turnover costs. It costs a company enormous revenue each time an employee is hired (due to lost productivity when the position is open, train-up time, advertising costs, time spent interviewing, etc.). Most importantly, effective behavioral interviews are key to deciding whether a potential employee will either complement or poison a team.
  • Components:
  • How to formulate interview questions to get the most thorough and relevant information from applicants
  • Questions to avoid (marital status, children, etc.) to ensure legal compliance
  • How to extract additional information interviewees to make sure you’re not hiring a bad apple

Crucial Communication Skills

  • 4 hours
  • This leadership and management training is the foundation for a culture of high engagement. Associates learn how to give and receive feedback as well as how to address critical issues. This training helps associates transform potential conflicts into creative opportunities that build a sense of mutual partnership rather than a win-lose outcome. Essential for improving productivity and reducing HR costs. This course is a great training both for new managers and seasoned leaders.
  • Components – Highly Interactive:
  • Understand and practice the Key of Communication
  • Role play active listening using increasingly challenging scenarios
  • Role play how to give feedback using a 2-step formula
  • Learn a simple way to reduce defensiveness using a 4-step formula to bring up your own concerns with others
  • Learn the difference between feedback and criticism

Delegation for Empowerment and Top Performance

  • 1.5 – 2.0 hours
  • Are your leaders feeling overworked and burnt out? This management training and development course is hugely supportive both to your leaders and those they supervise. Leaders love it – and they employees they lead benefit. We’ll explore:
    • Why We Don’t Delegate: Without this personal exploration, many of us tend to stay on ‘automatic’; we hesitate to delegate, or simply forget.
    • Keys to Successful Delegation: What makes some delegation successful and other delegation not?
    • Identification of a real, current task on each leader’s plate that is ideal for delegation.
    • Identification of a leader’s real team member best suited for a delegated task (it’s not always the star performers)

    Participants will leave with a concrete plan for delegating current tasks among their teams. Support your leaders with superior management trainings.

Cultivating Care in the Workplace

  • 2.0 hours
  • This is a moving and surprisingly complex training. Participants will examine both the theoretical and practical aspects of care, and reflect on the very real ways that your organization can cultivate a greater and genuine sense of caring.
  • Participants will leave with a concrete plan for cultivating care in their immediate work environment and realize the positive benefits gained from the experience of caring for others. Join other companies with the best management training programs by providing supportive management trainings like these for your leaders.

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 The Transformational Executive Presence Training and Transformational EP for Women are top-rated leadership development trainings delivered both Live Onsite + Live Virtual.

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The Transformational Executive Presence Training

  • Voted #1 Executive Presence Training – Globally – by
  • MUST SEE reviews from top and emerging leaders from Google, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, Doctors Without Borders and many more.
  • Creates confident, powerful, relational leaders who create buy-in with new customers, employees and key stakeholders.
  • All-day or multi-day. Hugely Team building.


Advanced Leadership Training:

The Radical Business Challenge

Prerequisite: The Executive Presence Training

What is it?

Skill anchoring opportunity for graduates of both The Transformational Executive Presence Training and Transformational EP for Women

  • Participants apply their Executive Presence to current work challenges: Each identifies a real workplace project (or client account, project, etc.) and – using these tools – makes it bigger, bolder and wildly successful
  • Facilitators guide participants in applying the EP tools to real goals (approved by your leader team)
  • Learn additional transformational tools
  • 5 half-day sessions over the course of 10-12 months
  • Looking for high performance management training? This is it.


  • Continued and deeper transformation of each leader
  • A profound connection and bond between co-workers based on authenticity and growth
  • A culture of continuous learning and direct, respectful feedback
  • Companies report off-the-chart ROI because each participant:
    – Continues to go past their self-limiting thoughts to access greater levels of power, creativity, confidence, and success than they had previously known
    – Learns to overcome their most difficult professional challenges
    – Becomes a much more powerful and connected leader


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