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There are at least 2 kinds of coaching clients (maybe you fit both):

  1. True Leaders. True leaders work on themselves continually. They seek to recognize their triggers (we all have them) and become more intentional. True Leaders invest inn coaching to proactively manage their triggers and a wide variety of complex business challenges – including skillfully interacting with a wide variety of people. If this describes you, welcome to the circle of professionals we support. All of our leadership coaches can help with these. In addition, our extraordinary Women’s Business and Leadership Coach, Susan Bellows, helps women manage a wide variety of everyday business and workplace challenges.
  2. You’re smart, hardworking and capable, yet aren’t moving up the career ladder as quickly as you’d like. Leaders with requisite skills but stalled career progression are most likely underrecognized due to their way of being. If you’re underrecognized, it could be that the ways you show up – or the ways you hesitate and shrink (without even trying to) – stop you from getting the respect and recognition you deserve. Of course, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination and marginalization also play a part. Unfortunately, our tools won’t eliminate these unfair dynamics. Yet, we’ll do our best to help you get the respect and recognition you deserve. Our executive presence coach, Sioux Messinger, teaches simple tools to radiate confidence – despite fear or circumstance, so that you can get the respect and recognition you deserve. Propel your career. Get the respect and recognition that you deserve.

Power for Everyone.

Our Executive Coaching Method 

  • True transformation occurs in a safe, non-judgmental space. Therefore, we’re supportive and will be your greatest professional ally. Yet we’ll challenge you to radiate your biggest, most powerful self.
  • Your greatest power and freedom is our goal. Therefore, your executive leadership coach will challenge you to radiate the power and dignity that you were meant to radiate. 
  • In a career slump? Feel stuck, frustrated, stalled, uninspired? Sometimes even the best leaders need an executive coach to remind them how great they are and what they are capable of. Together, we’ll problem-solve your stickiest, complex workplace challenges. 
  • Workplace triggers: We all have them. Therefore, we’ll help you identify and navigate the people and situations that trigger you most. When your triggers are more conscious to you, you’ll naturally show up less reactively and, therefore, with more power, clarity and purpose.
  • We’re practical, too. We’ll offer simple tips and tools. Sioux can help you look and feel like a thought leader: confident and commanding, despite fear or circumstance. Each of our coaches will offer tips and tools honed from decades of transformational leadership development coaching.

Our goal: That you leave each transformational leadership coaching session feeling more powerful and more purposeful. 

Ready to try a money-back-guaranteed first session that we offer to all new clients? All leader levels are warmly welcome (both C-Suite and Emerging).

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Our Lead Executive Coaches

For Executive Presence Coaching:
Sioux Messinger

Sioux Messinger, transformational leadership executive coach

As our Founder and the course creator of our top-rated Transformational Executive Presence Experience, Sioux has supported, coached and/or trained top-tier senior leaders from Facebook, Accenture, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Priceline, Shell, Chase, Bechtel + so many more.  Sioux will help you, too, look – and truly feel – confident and commanding, so you get the respect you deserve. 

Having founded and developed two companies, Sioux understands the complexities of managing people and navigating complex business issues.

Yet, what really sets Sioux apart is this: her uncanny ability to see in you what you don’t yet see in yourself. With her unequivocal conviction in the equality of all people, Sioux is committed to help all human beings remember their full magnificence and benevolent power. Power for Everyone.

Former group facilitator for Stanford University, Sioux was also Clinical Faculty in the School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry at University of California San Francisco, and managed executive, leadership and employee training for the Western Region of the U.S. Department of Education.   | LinkedIn

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  •  “The personalized coaching is amazing.”

    T. M.
  • I grew enormously in just a few coaching sessions with Sioux. We focused on what I needed most to take my executive functions to the next level. The sessions were working sessions: we practiced, used current situations at work. Sioux pushed me out of my comfort zone. No self-improvement book can force you to walk the talk as well as we did! Sioux was also intuitive in reading the dynamics of my situation at work, which made the scenarios we worked through very applicable. My take-away is that the coaching was worth every penny. Despite reading, talking to professionals and mentors, this one-to-one coaching enabled me to grow in a way that would have been difficult for me to do by myself. Though the coaching was through Zoom, Sioux was very effective. I highly recommend Cream of the Crop Leaders’ coaching.

    Antoine M. - Managing Director

Exceptional Women’s Business Coach
Susan Bellows

Women’s Business Coach: 

Susan’s passion is to help women – especially those in middle management – learn how to manage UP so they get the respect, recognition, and reward they deserve. Her extensive experience as a management consultant, sales trainer, and national speaker – along with her former leadership experience in management and marketing – make her a truly extraordinary coach.

Susan’s business coaching clients describe her as a compassionate, perceptive, and truly masterful business coach whose results-oriented sessions are fun and filled with laughter.

Susan provides executive coaching to women in middle management to advance in their careers by setting goals and devising accountability strategies. She supports her leadership coaching clients by confidence-building that catalyzes personal growth.

Using simple tools to get ahead – without needless struggle, wasted time, energy, or effort, Susan empowers her leadership coaching clients to own their power. Having herself spent decades as the rare female leader in male-dominated industries (and later acting as a management consultant to these same types of businesses), Susan offers her business coaching clients a wide range of tools and strategies to successfully navigate stormy career waters.

With decades of experience in DISC Behavioral Styles, Core Competencies, Transactional Analysis, and preeminent sales training programs; Susan uses all these modalities to help her business coaching clients achieve optimal results.


  • “Remarkable depth of knowledge. Tireless, committed…with a terrific sense of humor.”

    Carolyn L.
  • “Worth 10 times what she charges.”

    Katherine D.
  • “Rockstar coach. For anyone looking to move up the corporate ladder, gain more respect in the workplace, earn more money, or achieve their wildest career goals.”

    Chris C.
  • “To say our work together has been life changing is an understatement.”

    Leslie F.
  • “Sue genuinely cares about my growth as a professional - and pushes me.”

    Sarah B.
  • “Each time I talk with Susan I am empowered with a greater sense of well-being and confidence.”

    Bari R.
  • “Susan has increased my level of confidence and has been a catalyst for tremendous personal growth and success.”

    Mary F.

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General Executive Coaching


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About Executive Coaching + Business Coaching

Remarkable leaders continually challenge themselves with transformational business coaching.

Our executive, business, and workplace coaching is for everyone, and will support you or your leaders to:

  • Meet complex situations skillfully
  • Maintain and build credibility
  • Stay on track with top-performance goals
  • Appear Credible + Create Buy-in (for clients interested in Business Coaching)

Ready to re-kindle Your natural power?  Sign up for executive coaching – with a money-back guarantee.

General Executive Coaching

Available Worldwide

Executive Coaching can help you (or your employees) to:

  1. Meet complex situations skillfully
  2. Maintain and Build credibility
  3. Stay on track with top-performance goals

Executive Coaching can support you (or your employees) to:

  • Problem-solve complex professional and personal career-related challenges
  • Role-play the handling of specific business interactions
  • People management

The place where business challenges and personal challenges meet is precisely the place where most of us have a profound opportunity for career and personal growth.  Courageous people go here.  Be brave. Get your life coach services started.

Available Worldwide: See Modalities

Executive Presence Coaching

Available Worldwide

Our Business Coaching will offer tools to:

  1. Present as confident and credible, despite circumstance
  2. Interact with others in a way that inspires rather than polarizes
  3. Adopt thinking patterns used by top performers

Powerful Benefits – Some Research shows that learned non-verbal power mannerisms:

  • Boost your chances of being selected in high-stakes situations!
  • Improve mood (and testosterone)
  • Reduce stress (and cortisol)
  • Note: Some research suggests otherwise. See full details on our research page.

Our Favorite Benefit:  Learned power can become authentic and create a virtuous cycle of challenge-approach successes.  Sign up for an initial coaching session (money-back guarantee).

Available Worldwide: See Modalities

Money Back Guarantee – Try out your first session at no obligation

  • For first-time clients, all fees, including fees for the first fully-completed session, are fully reimbursed if the first session isn’t absolutely effective, efficient and empowering in the client’s sole discretion: Though we’ve never yet had a dissatisfied client, just request a refund at least 1 day prior to the onset of the second session, and we’ll readily return 100% of your funds; no fine print.

Refund policy for new clients who continue past the first session, or those who have booked previous sessions:

  • With notice of 48 hours or more, your Executive + Business Coach will happily reschedule a session (up to 1 time); and no refunds are given.
  • Missed sessions:  Since your executive coach or business coach is unable to book another client to fill your slot at short notice, no refunds are given for missed sessions.

Complimentary Consultation

Have some coaching questions? Just reach out.


You will connect with your business coach in one of several effective ways

  • Zoom (more effective than you can imagine – it’s very personal and we do a lot of powerful coaching this way)
  • Telephone
  • In person, whenever possible and cost-effective for your organization

Employee Reimbursement

Many employers reimburse for executive
and workplace coaching services.

Chairman and CEO of Google Eric Schmidt says “everyone needs a coach.”
Read more
Chairman and CEO of Google Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever got was to hire an executive coach. When a board member initially suggested this, Schmidt resisted because he didn’t think he needed an executive coach. But in an interview with Fortune Magazine, he said “everyone needs a coach.”

Fees for Executive Presence Coaching:

You Choose:  5-Session Package, 3-Session Package or a Single 1-hour Session. Money-back guarantee either way for new clients’ first Executive Leadership Coaching session.

  • Hint: Save the most by booking in 5-Session increments
  • Many of our coaching clients receive reimbursement from their employers. Add leadership coaching as a PIP goal, and ask your employer for reimbursement.

Reserve your Coaching package now.  Sessions are prepaidAfter making payment, you’ll receive an immediate payment confirmation email (submit to your employer for reimbursement) – and further scheduling instructions.

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