corporate events, business retreat, corporate retreatTop Corporate Events:

Polished, Skill-Building and Team-Building

Management Training

Management Training

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Executive Retreats

Executive Retreats

See Leadership Retreats

Team Building Venues

Team Building Venues

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Leadership Program, Advanced Business Challenge, Team Working Together

Common Denominators of our corporate events:

  • Polished and professional
  • Extraordinarily interactive: Learning by Doing is our instructional credo
  • Each corporate event is customized to the unique needs of your group
  • We consistently receive event ratings such as ‘one of the best events I’ve ever been to’
  • Our events seamlessly combine skill-building with team-building. We believe that all events should be both skill-building and team-building. Why choose one or the other?
  • Our goal: True ROI for your organization.

Create top corporate events.

The Equality and Empowerment of All People are our #1 company priorities.African American Woman and Man Writing on Board, Executive Presence Women, Women’s Self Esteem Workshops, Women Empowerment, Womens Leadership Training, Leadership Development Women

We believe in the equality of all races, genders, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations – and the empowerment of all people. Power for Everyone.

Our corporate events help your workforce to look and feel their best – and this may level playing fields and shrink gaps.

Are you serious about diversity and inclusion?  Talking about inclusion is truly good – but talk isn’t enough. Give your team real tools that can help them level playing fields and shrink gaps. Everyone deserves to benefit from the best corporate events and transformational leadership trainings.

Our Vision: That all beings remember their full magnificence and benevolent power.

Our Executive Development and Other Executive Services include:

  • C-Suite Training + Executive Team Training, Corporate Training and Management Training
  • Executive Retreats, Leadership Retreats, Corporate Retreats and Management Retreats
  • Corporate Event Keynotes + Top Motivational Speakers: Everyone practices Executive Presence right from their seats
  • Leadership and Workplace Coaching:  We offer both Executive Presence Coaching – and general topic Leadership Coaching
  • Team Building Venues:  We offer several different team building options, including Leadership Development Training as Teambuilding, DiSC Team Building, and customized executive team leader teambuilding services.
  • Customer Service Training:  We offer customer care training on several different tracks.  For top leaders in your organization, we recommend the Executive Presence Workshop; this teaches a way of being that calms and provides the best customer care experience.  Contact us for a Customer Service Trainer.
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, Conflict Resolution for Management and Executive Teams, and between departments and divisions.

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