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Recently, Cream of the Crop Leaders was voted Top Leadership Partner – globally – by HR.com.  Our Co-Founders have supported top and emerging leaders from organizations such as Facebook, Lockheed Martin, Assurant, Red Cross, Hortonworks, Pfizer, Southern Poverty Law Center, Sheraton Hotels, Macy’s, Doctors Without Borders and many more.  All around the world are people who feel extraordinarily powerful, confident and joyful as a result of the tools we teach.  See what they have to tell you.

Fortune magazine noted our Co-Founder’s ground-breaking transformational leadership and diversity trainings when Dan Messinger was Head of Training + Diversity for Kimpton Hotels.  Fortune referenced training as one of the pivotal factors that brought Kimpton to Fortune’s esteemed 100 Best Places to Work  list.  Our #1 company commitment is the equality and empowerment of all human beings.

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