The Interactive Executive Presence Keynote
--facilitated by top motivational speakers.

Everyone practices. High-Octane!

  • Experience was Amazing!

    Anthony V.
  • Perfect. Learned a lot.

    Donnie D.
  • Will develop me as a leader among leaders. Very informative.

    Jerrell J.

    Patrick M.
  • Very Valuable.

    Danny N.
  • Big how others see your presence.

    Rachel L.
  • Confidence Building. Empowering.

    Craig T.
  • Eye-opening. How you present yourself is more important than you think.

    Mike N.
  • Great experience. Recommend.

    Gary M.
  • Empowering. Very informative.

    Julio M.
  • Very helpful. Will help me with presentations and meetings with clients.

    Adam P.
  • I felt confident after.

    Alex O.
  • Will have an immediate positive impact on my executive presence. The tools are easy to learn and practice and apply to real world interactions.

    Beverly C.
  • Very eye opening. Thank you.

    Jason F.
  • [I learned how] to gain buy-in.

    Jerome M.

The Interactive Executive Presence Keynote –

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Exciting + Engaging | For groups of all sizes

What is it?

  • A high-octane, fun, exciting interactive keynote presentation that boosts your event energy.
  • An event that leaves your leaders with REAL TOOLS they can apply immediately to radiate a commanding presence in your workplace.
  • This interactive keynote presentation shares key content from Cream of the Crop Leader’s top-rated Executive Presence Training.
  • Inherently fascinating: Who doesn’t want to look and feel a bit more confident and commanding? We all do!  Therefore, everyone is fascinated and fully engaged in this keynote presentation. Benefits your entire workforce, from C-Suite to emerging leaders to line staff.

Interactive Keynote Content – Transformational:

  1. The Key to Appearing Confident
  2. Insecurity Indicators: We all have them. What is yours?
    • The audience will learn the ‘tells’: non-verbal behaviors that give us away when we’re feeling insecure.
    • Each participant will identify and correct two common insecurity indicators.
  3. Practice simple EP tools that build the appearance of and the feeling of gravitas.
  4. Partner Practice (this builds comradery and joy).

Benefits of The Executive Presence Interactive Keynote interactive keynote presentation:

  1. Raises your event energy! Creates vibrancy and joy throughout your event.
  2. Adds credibility to your brand.
  3. Is both fun – and offers ROI.
  4. Leaves your leaders with simple tools to use immediately in the workplace, benefiting your organization.
  5. Your leaders feel valued when your organization chooses top-shelf speakers and exciting, transformational keynote presentations for events.

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  • "After just a few minutes practicing these skills, I will be seen the way I want to be seen."  

    Brandy L.
  • "Powerful concepts from this quick overview will have a significant impact on my career!"  

    Mark H.

Title options:

  • Executive Presence: Tools to + Radiate Credibility Create Buy-In
  • Interactive Keynote: Executive Presence – Let’s Practice
  • Customized titles, too


Each participant in this Interactive Keynote will:

  • Practice simple non-verbal techniques to look and feel confident and commanding – despite fear or circumstance.
  • Identify and correct common insecurity indicators.

Since everyone – from C-Suite to emerging leaders – wants to look and feel confident, this event is a group favorite.  Raises event energy!

For All Industries + Audiences


Executive to Emerging Leaders

Corporate or Creative Groups

Formal or Casual Events

“Power causes individuals to feel
more positive, in control
and more likely to take action.”

Harvard Business School research


Sioux Messinger

Sioux Messinger

Regarded by many as one of our nation’s top transformational workshop and event designers, Sioux Messinger creates and presents customized programs that dovetail five essential qualities: (1) Transformational and Skill Building: Makes a real difference in participants’ lives; (2) Connecting: Boosts human connection and morale; (3) Heartwarming: Deeply resonant with what truly matters; (4) Highly Interactive and (5) Truthful.

As Founder of Cream of the Crop Leaders’ top-rated Executive Presence Training, Sioux has supported leaders from many of our world’s top organizations including Google, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Lockheed Martin, Chase, Shell, UCSF, SUNY, Doctors Without Borders, WPP, ILG, Sierra Club and more.

Formerly Group Facilitator at Stanford University, Sioux was also Clinical Faculty in the School of Medicine at UCSF and other higher education institutions.


What is the Interactive Presentation like?
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The energy in the room during is electric and expansive. Participants are smiling, curious and excited. Toward the end, each exudes a radiant, benevolent power. All types of people love it, even top leaders. After all, we all want to look and feel our best.

Partial List  |   Sioux’s Interactive Keynote + Speaking Engagements

AONE Summit (American Organization of Nurse Executives)

  • Topic: Executive Presence for Nurse Leaders: Practice Tools to Radiate Credibility + Create Buy-In

AT & T Park (San Francisco Giants Ballpark), Ed Rev

  • Topic: Confidence Can Be Learned – and Becomes Authentic

Ruth Asawa SOTA

  • Topic – Executive Presence-Learned Confidence: Skills to Look and Feel Credible & Powerful

Sioux has supported leaders from these organizations (training + coaching) 

  • Facebook
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Accenture’s Industry X.O
  • Caterpillar
  • Shell Oil
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Lockheed Martin
  • SUNY
  • Assurant
  • Red Cross
  • ILG
  • Sierra Club
  • Zapier
  • Constellation Brands – Funky Buddha Brewery
  • Hortonworks
  • US Department of Education
  • Valspar
  • WPP, Sudler & Hennessey
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
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Format:  Typically 45 minutes – 1.25 hours. Longer and alternate speaker formats (1/2 in a.m. +  1/2 in p.m.) are also available.

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