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Things we believe

  1. Transformational change happens from the inside-out. Therefore, our transformational leadership workshops are 90% interactive.
  2. REAL POWER IS GOOD. It’s when people don’t have access to their authentic power that abuses of power erupt. Power gets a bad name because in common parlance the word ‘power’ refers to abuses of power (which do exist among people and systems). Therefore, true power is misunderstood. It’s our aim to increase true power so we can help decrease abuses of power and create a safer, more equitable world.

We’ve been studying power for a long time.

Questions we’ve been interested in (and still are) include:
– Is it POSSIBLE to teach people how to access their true power?
– If so, how?

Quick Answer:

We’ve found that just by teaching participants 12 simple tools to present themselves with confidence, participants often report feeling as confident as they were “pretending” to be, especially with continued practice of our tools.

This is a different than ‘fake it till you make it’ (which is like slapping on a band-aid). Our workshops are rooted authenticity, risk taking, feedback and inside-out learning. Therefore, our adult workshop participants (and now youth, too) typically report transformational results.


Almost 25 years ago – long before the term executive presence was popular – our Founder, Sioux Messinger, facilitated the first version of The Transformational Executive Presence Training and EP for Women to private and corporate clients. Later, in her role as Clinical Faculty in the School of Medicine (Department of Psychiatry, University of California San Francisco), Sioux offered a version of this course to residents and medical students. While brilliant, many of them lacked the skills to “pop” outside of themselves and share their gifts in a connected and radiant way.  As a result, they were passed over for the best residency positions. Many felt stalled early in their careers; this is still so true for adults working in every industry. Again, just by practicing our 12 simple tools to present themselves with confidence, these residents and medical students reported feeling as confident as they were “pretending” to be.

Now, exciting new research shows that a person’s sense of power improves executive functioning, optimism, creativity, authenticity, the ability to self- regulate and performance in various domains. Acquiring power produces individuals to feel more optimistic, more goal-oriented, and more likely to take action. The Transformational Executive Presence Training was Voted Top Leadership partner – Globally – by HR.com, is top-rated by participants, and is offered both remotely and onsite, worldwide.

Learn more about Sioux Messinger, our Founder and lead facilitator.

About our Founder 

Sioux Messinger

Sioux MessingerTransformational Leadership Experience Designer + Facilitator

Sioux Messinger attempts to create transformational experiences. Her unique design methodology dovetails five essential qualities:

(1) Transformational and Skill Building: Makes a real difference in participants’ lives.

(2) Connecting: Boosts human connection and morale.

(3) Heartwarming: Deeply resonant with what truly matters.

(4) Highly Interactive.

(5) Truthful.

As Founder of Cream of the Crop Leaders’ top-rated Executive Presence Training (and the teen/young adult confidence workshop) Sioux has empowered leaders from top organizations including Google, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Chase, Caterpillar, Shell, Lockheed Martin, SUNY, Doctors Without Borders, WPP, Sierra Club and more.

  • Former Group Facilitator at Stanford University.
  • Sioux was also Clinical Faculty in the School of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco, and taught at other graduate and undergraduate education institutions.
  • Sioux completed group facilitation training under the direction of John R. Hurley, a nationally known scholar tenured at Michigan State University, who studied leadership in groups, and interpersonal perceptions of self and other.
  • As Founder and Lead Facilitator of Cream of the Crop Leaders, Sioux develops and delivers transformational experiences.

Self-described as a learning nerd, Sioux aspires to create transformational learning experiences that connect people to the truest part of themselves and others.

Sioux has an unequivocal conviction in the equality of all people, and is committed to helping all human beings remember their full magnificence and benevolent power. | LinkedIn

Teen and Young Adult Confidence Workshops now. too.

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What our transformational corporate training consultants believe:

  • Everyone deserves to look and feel powerful. Everyone.
  • Real power is good for you, your colleagues, your employer, your friends, your family  – and the world.

Learned Power:

  • Builds dynamic, innovative, forward-moving organizations
  • Creates thought leaders
  • Propels action and dispels victim-thinking
  • Creates engaged leaders and can create profound workplace cultural shifts
  • Helps leaders create buy-in with key decision-makers

The Transformational Executive Presence Training builds powerful, commanding, relational leaders. See what leaders say about this transformational leadership training and our corporate training consultants.  EP for Women, too.


Real power is good for you and good for the world.

Learned power levels playing fields, shrink gaps and makes leaders kinder, more inspirational people.

 “Power is essential for all living things. The word power comes from the Latin posse, meaning “to be able.” No human being can exist for long without some sense of his significance. S/he must be able to feel this “I count for something” and be able to live-out that felt significance. 

It is the lack of this sense of significance, and the struggle for it, that underlies much violence. For violence has its breeding ground in impotence and apathy. The state of powerlessness…is the source of violence. Violence arises not out of superfluity of power but out of powerlessness. Deeds of violence in our society are performed largely by those trying to establish their self-esteem, to defend their self-image, and to demonstrate that they, too, are significant…Everyone has a need for some sense of significance.”

Rollo May | Power + Innocence

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