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Strategic Planning Retreats


EP Experience | Wow


The Power Combination


  • “Significant bonding experience…brought a group of ‘strangers’ to a point where we felt like a family.”

    David S.
  • “Terrific - it became a bonding experience for all involved.”

    Leonard Y.
  • "I immediately connected with others and built the levels of trust that I had always strived for."

    Tristan M.
  • "I developed a close bond with the others.  It was also fun!!"

    Peggy F.

The EP Experience (Executive Presence + Team Building)

Both Team Building + Skill Building

Unique Leadership Retreats

Looking for a unique leadership retreat for your team?

Our team building retreats are based on our top-rated Executive Presence (EP) Training – yet we customize them to accommodate the size and preferences of your group.

Quick Version: What is The Executive Retreat like?  Participants seated in a semi-circle. Participants practice highly interactive tools to appear powerful, credible and confident + video feedback = an amazing, authentic transformational experience. A close-knit connection forms among group; everyone supports others’ success. Instantly applicable to work and personal life. High octane – fun – yet we turn out the most polished, relational leaders. Creates challenge-approach leaders, boosts mood, reduces stress, improves chances of advancement. For everyone, including confident people. Top Rated for a Reason.  It works.

We pride ourselves on creating the most exciting, polished and transformational executive retreats. If we move forward, we will carefully customize our services to meet your company’s business goals.

What kind of executive retreat do you need?  Relaxed, Motivational – Both?  We tailor our executive retreats to reflect your team’s needs. Maybe your team needs time for rest and relaxation. Or, maybe structure and vision is called for. A unique combination of structure and relaxation often works well. We’ll conduct a thorough needs assessment as part of our design process. Our goal: That our business retreats will exceed your expectations of what leadership retreats can be.  See how our Executive Presence services affected others.

Our leadership retreats offer long-lasting benefits to your organization and/or Board include:

  • Top-notch Leadership development of all participants: See Course Components and Methods (but, remember – we’ll customize this to meet the size and preferences of your group).
  • Renewed collegial connections – this entire workshop is designed so that each participant is able to see very clearly the strengths of his/her colleagues. Result: Increased mutual respect and care.
  • Leadership development: Your business retreat leaders will leave truly poised for action and develop challenge-approach tendencies
  • Re-inspired vision and improved morale; this executive retreat will leave your leaders refreshed and inspired!

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  • “Significant bonding experience…brought a group of ‘strangers’ to a point where we felt like a family.”

    David S.
  • “Terrific - it became a bonding experience for all involved.”

    Leonard Y.
  • "I immediately connected with others and built the levels of trust that I had always strived for."

    Tristan M.
  • "I developed a close bond with the others.  It was also fun!!"

    Peggy F.

Strategic Vision – Strategic Planning Retreat

Proactive Planning + Team Building Experience

Strategic Vision Summit

Don’t waste the opportunity: Your senior leaders will leave The Executive Presence Training unbelievably fired up, connected with each other and in FULL Possibility Thinking.

This is the time to engage your team in handling the big questions and initiatives most pressing for your organization.  Prior to this event, we will conduct a thorough needs assessment to help you and your senior team decide the most crucial issues, and best way to use this time. Options are unlimited and include: Visioning, strategizing, SWOT Analysis, department head reports – or whatever process is most crucial for your organization’s success.

For those interested in strategic planning: Traditional planning involves looking at problems based on what we already know. However, strategic planning identifies:

  • The true nature of an issue (free from our subjective slant)
  • Obstacles and threats
  • Goals and visions
  • Possibilities for achieving these goals

A classic way of thinking of it is this:  

  • Situation – Where are we right now? How did we get here?
  • Target – Where do we want to be?
  • Path – How can we get there?

However, there are different models for getting you through this process, some more appropriate than others depending on your situation. We’ll guide you and your team in choosing the right  strategic planning team building retreat for your current needs.

Above all, we facilitate strategic planning executive retreats in a way that unites your team rather than divides. Strategic planning should be collaborative.

In this way, your strategic planning business retreat will be powerfully clarifying and team building. 

Ready for top-notch executive retreats, one that both C-Suite and emerging leaders can connect with?  

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The Power Combination:

EP Experience + Strategic Planning 

Worth its weight in gold. This approach will leave your group aligned and poised to approach big challenges. 

The Power Combination Retreat:

  • Begins with 2 days of the highly team building EP Experience (described above)
  • Ends 1 day of Strategic Planning/Visioning (described above)
  • We conclude with a business retreat exercise that leaves all members connected and aligned

Since our EP Experience creates such proactive, challenge-approach and empowered employees, your Strategic Planning session will include extraordinarily high levels of creative and bold input from your leaders.

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Unbeatable. Power Combination Executive Retreats create teams that move mountains.

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  • Our leadership retreats are priced dependent upon variables like the number of days facilitated, location and number of attendees.  We’ll get a quote right back to you.
  • Please contact us by email, phone +1 (707) 939-8181
  • Available Worldwide | Live Virtual Facilitation + Onsite using Safe-Guidelines (when applicable)

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We offer our executive and leadership retreats worldwide.  No International Travel Fees.

Create ROI with your leadership retreats.

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