3 Ways Executive Presence Training Boosts Leadership Performance

In a recent executive presence training workshop, one of our participants told us “presence is hard to define until you feel it.”

That’s profound. Here’s why:

Most people who strive to earn the respect and power that comes with leadership go through a “fake it ‘til you make it” phase. They put on the power costume, read all the “how to lead” literature, adopt power poses, practice using assertive language, and “act” confident in front of the mirror or in the car during their daily commute.

They might be blessed with an impressive education, a wealth of knowledge, and a passionate point of view. But put those people in a highly charged corporate setting, in a boardroom with C-Suite suits, or in a high-risk sales setting with important clients, and even they can sometimes feel a crippling lack of self-confidence that damages their impact and makes it harder to get results.

Contrast those people with authentic, confident leaders who truly feel and embrace their own power. They maintain calm and focus. They seem to stand their ground from inside the fire, where most people — men or women — would shrink and shy away. They possess the gravitas that allows them to command a room just by walking into it – before they’ve even said a word.

The world is crying out for genuine leaders: those with vision, a sense of purpose, and the ability to ignite and fan the flames of latent leadership in the people around them. The volatility of the marketplace demands that businesses transform on a dime. Nonprofits are crying out for inspirational leaders who can help them fulfill their vision to make a difference in the world. Schools, churches, and local governments all suffer from the lack of true, authentic, effective leadership.

Can executive presence training really make a difference in leadership performance?

Yes. Emphatically, yes. We’ve seen the transformation happen right in front of us. As a matter of fact, we expect it.

3 Ways That Executive Presence Training Can Boost Leadership Performance:

  1. People become aware of their core strengths, beliefs, and values, and the beauty and power of their own essential, authentic selves. They can viscerally feel the difference between acting like leaders and truly being the leaders they already are. They use the awareness revealed by executive presence training to participate in and drive the transformation of their neighborhoods, schools, churches, communities, and organizations.
  2. People begin to trust their own power and their ability to influence others. Where they once regarded negotiations, presentations, and other high-stakes problem-solving conversations as situations to be feared, they instead welcome and embrace them as challenges to be overcome. These newly transformed leaders are unafraid to speak up, speak out, and listen powerfully as a direct result of their participation in effective executive presence training.
  3. People begin to inspire leadership in those around them because their authenticity gives others permission to express their own power. Instead of environments of fear, competition, and struggle, these transformed leaders seem to generate environments of cooperation, collaboration, and trust. Powerful, effective executive presence training creates a ripple effect within organizations, where one person “letting their own light shine gives others permission to do the same.”

We know these things can happen because we’ve seen them happen, over and over again in Executive Presence Training workshops we’ve conducted all over the world, and in organizations of all sizes. Participants leave our executive presence trainings with more than an intellectual understanding of executive presence – they feel more powerful and commanding, and authentic power makes all the difference.

How to bring The Executive Presence Training to your organization.

Ready to cement your organization as a world-class institution?

Leaders from Facebook, Doctors Without Borders, Lockheed-Martin, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and many more have found the value of executive presence training. Our top-rated Executive Presence Training has been voted Top Leadership Partner – Globally – by HR.com, and offers huge ROI.

Our Executive Presence Training shows participants how to let their lights shine – to radiate authentic power, confidence, and the kind of warm credibility that creates buy-in and builds solid relationships/

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