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Here’s just a few recent participant reviews: 


Simply exhilarating. Transformed who I am as a professional and as a person.

Joseph N.

Executive Presence doesn’t even begin to cover what I learned in this course. The way I think, feel, and prepare have completed changed.

Freddy V.

Life-changing. Accomplished what I’ve been trying to break through for 35 years.


Transformative. The only leadership workshop I’ve ever found truly useful in moving me to the next level of leadership.

Kathy G.

I could see my team transforming before my eyes. It was absolutely a fantastic experience. It is incredible.

Vijaya N.

 I learned how it feels to stop being timid and step up to my own power. This will help me in all aspects of my life.


This course was 100% meat, no fluff and all useful.

Tom H.

Unconventional and very, very effective. Brilliant style of training. Didn’t lose interest for even one minute.

Jesal T.

Terrific. It became a bonding experience for all involved.

Leonard Y.

Amazing. Transformational. Revealing. Enlightening. Soulful.

Julie W.

I really can’t put into words how I feel about the genesis you helped us realize. Amazing.


I broke through the wall that I built to ‘protect myself’ and am now truly free to reach my potential. Thank you for being such wonderful guides.


Incredibly insightful and on point.

John G.

Your influence has had a profound impact on my whole life. I’m so moved I can’t even write.


I didn’t know I could grow so much in two days. I have a new outlook on work and a new outlook on building relationships with all of those in my life.

Cheryl S.

Immediately connected with others and built the levels of trust I had always strived for.

Tristan M.

It was amazing! I learned a ton about myself. I want others to experience this!

Stephen C.

I love the real-world use! Great experience!

Ben B.

I learned far more in this workshop than I have in any other I’ve participated in.

David D.

An amazing experience. I leave with a fresh inspiration of power and confidence. Thank you!

Beth S.

Great Program!  I could go on and on about how positively I feel about this program and its impact on me.  Thank you!

Jon G.

One of the most fantastic learning experiences I have ever had. Simple and effective tools.

Mahendra M.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! This training definitely develops leaders. Surrounded in an environment where people want to see you succeed…an environment that allows you to recognize your nervousness and fear – then walk straight through them.


This course should be mandatory for anybody who wants to lead in any way.


I have learned more tools than I ever thought possible! The abilities of the leaders to break things down step by step is second to none!

Michele B.

Significant bonding experience…brought a group of ‘strangers’ to a point where we felt like family.

David S.

Very powerful and meaningful. The best leadership training I’ve experienced.

Derek N.

Invaluable tools. THANK YOU!

Lauren C.

This experience changed me and how I show up in the best way possible. I received so much loving support from Sioux, Dan and my fellow leaders.

Amy H.

A game changer for my life.

Jeeva N.

Coming into this session I was so nervous, but the way you build the material helps so much. I felt a serious breakthrough personally and I owe it to the both of you.

Jason L.

Thrilling and engaging, it was a great 2-day workshop. I learned so much about myself. Bravo!

Alex Y.

I cannot imagine a better program to help you grow in such a short time.  Great work!!!  5 star.

Zohre B.

I cannot believe how transformed I feel after only two days. Opportunities to find my personal power were amazing.

Angela M.

I now own my power and can use it for good!


The most beneficial class I have ever been in. Thank you!

Mischele W.

This was an amazing experience. The tools and feedback we received are life changing. What I learned will help me so much, not only professionally but personally as well.

Cindy W.

In 40 years, this is one of the top two courses I ever took. Who knew that such a course would be so focused on results?

Jeffrey C.           

Participating in Cream of the Crop was a Seminal Moment in my life!

David B.

Bravo!!!  Well worth my 2 days.

Renee N.

Extremely powerful.   Created an internal and external paradigm shift within myself.

Nick C.

Amazing!   Great exercises.  Quite amazing that in learning a few techniques it could foment such change.  No improvement possible.

Chris P.

The course was really excellent and transformational.  Presence is hard to define until you feel it.

Peg F.

This was an amazing growth experience – both professionally and personally.

Tara B.

This is the best course I’ve ever taken.

Preston B.

I was skeptical coming into this training but you have blown my expectations. I truly thank you for helping me on this journey.

Nish G.

This was transformational for me, a person who [already] feels confident and well put together.

Delilah C.

Focuses on the best parts of a person and letting them shine.

Dan P.

I came in questioning and I left with answers. I leave with power and the knowledge and skills to summon it.

Jeff I.

Amazing session. The best I have been to so far.

Salahuddin K.

 So many nuggets of truth all came together into a beautiful song of power and peace.

David K.

Powerful, engaging and personal. So much more than I expected.

Therese S.

The personalized coaching and interaction are amazing. Not only did this experience bring me confidence and direction as a professional but it also gave me the tools needed to completely change my outlook on life.

Tristan M.

Before I came to the Cream of the Crop Leaders course, I already knew that I was a leader and professional, but Cream of the Crop enabled me to be perceived as more real – and believable.

Amit N.

Great opportunity.  Great experience.  I loved it!

Lisa Y.

Lots of great material, well delivered, brought to a powerful crescendo.

Jeff S.

Excellent Transformational session. I have seen myself change over the course of two days.

Sameer C.

It is the best training I have undergone thus far. Walking out more confident and more positive. Very effective techniques.

Vishal K.

The training was done excellently with lots of emphasis on personal development. Excellent environment.

Vivek G.

It’s incredible to see the core of people for the first time.

Dan P.

Saw my co-workers in new and profound ways that forged a real connection. Helped me examine myself, the kind of career I want to have, and the person I want to become in a way I hadn’t before.

Charlie S.

I expected the learning. Making new friends was an amazing bonus. I hope to cross paths with Sioux and Dan often in the future. They are both generous and inspiring.

Brandt K.

Will help me overcome challenges I face as an introvert.

Bruce R.

Truly impactful and very inspirational. Dan and Sioux really bring it home and teach in a way I’ve never experienced.

J. Bunch

This was an incredible experience and I got so much more out of this than I expected.

Natasha C.

 A very powerful experience! I am eager to put all of these things into practice.

Amy D.

This was so valuable for me – I learned so much about myself that I can use in my personal and professional life. You both had such a great manner about you and guided us so well.

Charlotte H.


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