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Many young, fast-growing companies cry out for more steady-handed executives, client-facing sales leaders, and strong account managers. They need to groom people quickly, promote from within, and rise to the challenges explosive growth represents.

Many times, however, these companies are staffed by content-smart teams who may not have had the kind of training or experience that prepares them to persuade key stakeholders. It’s essential to gain stakeholder confidence in order to scale.

Has your team had the kind of business training that makes them confident in their ability to successfully earn stakeholder confidence? Have they had the best business training to persuade stakeholders?

What Stakeholders Look For

The bottom line is this: Stakeholders look at more than just the viability of a hot new product that’s going to shake up the marketplace and take the world by storm.

They look at the quality of the people.

As one example, according to a November, 2013 article in Forbes venture capitalists invest in people. They know that the ideas and products in a startup will morph and change over time, and they want to make sure the people involved have the business skill set to drive revenue and ensure success. Venture capitalists want to make sure they can connect with the people involved in the startup – that there is a chemistry of faith, trust, and shared vision for the company and its future.

That chemistry is the “it” factor that gives lucky young companies the decisive edge. Creating chemistry with stakeholders doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by design. It’s a direct result of the kind of solid, targeted business training that helps people connect with one another in a genuine, powerful, inspiring, and effective way.

Work with a Proven Business Training Provider Who Creates Real, Powerful Results

Start from right where you are, with just what you have, and work with a training provider that knows how to polish the raw skills your team already possesses. Invest in the best business training, the kind that transforms your group into a dynamic team of polished, credible, powerful, confident, and persuasive executives.

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