Confidence Tip #3 – and da funky funk – self confidence classes for adults

Tip from our top-rated self confidence classes for adults:

Your entire life is dictated by your comfort zones. Take that in. It’s as if you walk around inside a clear Plexiglas hamster ball which limits how far you can move. It’s like a Twilight Zone episode, except it’s real – and YOU’RE STARRING!  Wierrrrd. Not your best ‘name in lights’ moment.

If you’re like most of us, you limit yourself all the time. Some of these limits are good: You hold yourself back before running into the street (if not, please stop reading; time to get back into your ball).

Before you read the rest of this, do yourself a favor: Privately identify one thing you’re not saying or doing – because of fear.

Risks can be physical (hang-gliding) or emotional (speaking in front of a high-powered group of people). It’s the emotional risks we’re talking with you about today.

Most of us are risk averse – we automatically run from risk. Maybe you’re like this, too. You traipse through your day when suddenly – BAM – you hit your emotional comfort zone wall. Instead of going through said comfort zone, you unconsciously bounce off of it – and head right in the other direction. This happens quickly (in a microsecond) – without our awareness – often throughout each day.

Here’s what you’re giving up: Glorious treasures, matey. Dig your fists through the plentiful bounty that lies behind Wall Number Two (a’hem cough: we’re referring, here, to your Risk Wall)…gleaming gems such as:

  • Success or promotions at work
  • Amazing personal relationships!
  • Banishing da funk: Funky, stagnant moods and the nagging doubts about whether your life has purpose
  • Path to a FULL LIFE (top that one) – a life of meaning, joy and exhilaration

In our executive confidence workshops, we watch scores of participants take healthy risks. Spoiler alert: No one has died or had a psychotic break. Most of the time, they’re successful. I mean, by the 1970s, Superman (one of our early workshop participants) became able to withstand an atomic explosion and even flew through the core of a star (stretch goal!)*.

And when participants weren’t successful, they’re still glad they took a risk – they learned from it. Plus, they got a much needed lung-full of fresh, BPE-free oxygen. Seriously: Their hamster ball became much bigger and they gained far more inner power than they ever realized was possible.

Fear is part of the human experience. That ‘Fearless’ bumper sticker with the edgy font? I can’t stand that thing.**

  • The goal isn’t to be fear-less. That goes against our very nature.
  • The goal is courage: having fear and moving forward anyway.
  • The word courage comes from the Latin cor meaning “heart”.

And, risk is rarely as scary as it seems. Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn says, “…the surest way to succeed is to take startling – yet intelligent – risks, again and again.” Maybe Reid hasn’t flown through the core of a star (YET. We’re not giving up on you, Reid!), but he’s hardly ‘meh’ in terms of healthy risk outcomes.

What is the fear that holds YOU back? That thing you’re not saying or doing because of your fears?

If you don’t act on your risk now, when will you do it? Truth: I’m worried that you’ll bookmark that risk and get to it ‘later’. I just hope that ‘later’ isn’t two decades from now (for that is the very source of ‘life regret’).

So, name one healthy risk – small or big – that you can take or schedule right now.

When you take that risk (small or large – it all counts), tell us about it in a sentence or two. We’re so committed to your freedom that we’ll enter your name to WIN either a French Bordeaux Wine Collection or Harry & David Sparkling French Cider + Gourmet Snack Box (or similar if not available).

More power to you!  Take risks.

Sioux Messinger, Founder + Course Creator of The Executive Presence Workshop (our self confidence classes for adults)

* Superman refuses to listen to us about healthy vs. unhealthy risk; we have tried!

**I’d rather be fishing.

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Which will you choose if you’re the lucky risk winner?  The French Bordeaux Wine Collection – or Harry & David Sparkling French Cider made with handpicked apples from Brittany, France plus a Harry & David Snack Box with a tantalizing mix of delicious snacks?

Take a Risk. It’s good for you.


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