Confidence Tip #1 – Purposeful and – UGH – my mistakes (confidence courses for adults can help)

Tip from The Executive Presence Training (aka confidence classes for adults)

Confidence Tip #1 – Purposeful

Ever notice that rushing ends up taking even more time? I don’t know about you, but when I rush, I make more mistakes: I drop things, I crack my phone screen, I stumble over my words. Or (and this is my mother’s favorite) I’m so distracted that I don’t finish my

Plus, when I rush, my writing requires more, editng (erghhh) editing. Then, I begin to lose my confidence.

Here’s the key:

Moving too quickly or without Purpose:

  • Makes you come across as quirky, nervous and flustered
  • Erodes your credibility, since you’ll appear anxious and insecure
  • Leaves you feeling panicked, stressed, and overwhelmed – which makes you trip all the more

Most cars have 5 or 6 gears. If you have the curse – excuse me, I mean gift – of a solid work ethic like me, you’re tempted to keep your engine in 5th or 6th gear throughout the day: Running to meetings, driving quickly to pick up the kids, rushing to make dinner…

Confidence tip: Try to move in 2nd gear. This may be a major stretch for you. As you walk down the hall, sign into your computer, walk to your car, wash the dishes – try doing these slowly – with Purpose.

When you are conscious and purposeful in your movements – when you slow down – this transforms the way you look – and it transforms the way you feel.

  • You look poised, dignified, and in control
  • You feel calm, centered, and dignified
  • You make less mistakes (see? I did it)

Most people – maybe even you deep down – don’t believe they have a right to take your time. But, you do. You have the right to take your time.

1 Minute Confidence Challenge (c’mon…if you don’t do it now, you know you’ll never do it): Set your timer for 1 minute (I’m going easy on you). Now: try to do all tasks within this one minute in 2nd gear: Slooooowly.

How did it feel?

I hate to break it to you, but everyone notices whether you act with purpose or not. And, when you rush you lose dignity. So, be Purposeful. You’ll look confident, and you’ll feel more confident, too. Plus, you’ll get more done, and your hair will stay in place (now THAT’S a confidence booster). If you’d like, check out our leadership presence trainings, aka confidence courses for adults, below.

Invest in Yourself. After all, you bring yourself wherever you go. And, remember, confidence classes for adults (aka executive presence) are for everyone, including generally confident leaders.



p.s. You can get personalized feedback about how YOU come across. In a safe atmosphere, we’ll help you identify and clear away your insecurity ‘tells’ (we all have them). Then, you’ll practice simple tools to look – and truly feel – commanding and confident, despite fear or circumstance. Whether you call it executive presence, leadership presence, business presence or confidence building courses for adults – time to get your game on. After all, you bring yourself wherever you go.  Huge ROI – many employers reimburse for our leadership webinars.


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  • Whether you call it executive presence, leadership presence, business presence or confidence building courses for adults – time to get your game on. After all, you bring yourself wherever you go.



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