Self Esteem Workshops for Youth: Confidence Tools

Cream of the Crop Leaders now offers Confident + Unstoppable: Youth Empowerment workshops – Top-Rated!

The transition from youth schooling to college and work can make or break a young persons trajectory toward happiness and later success. College professionals are always looking for ways to support their students in these transitions.  Siena College Admissions Team asked for advice on planning for college to create a successful college experience and quoted Cream of the Crop Leaders’ CEO, Sioux Messinger, who recommended this simple piece of advice:

“Begin practicing confidence in the most innocuous of situations, like when you’re speaking with the cashier at Starbucks. Current studies show that learned confidence becomes authentic, and has enormous positive implications for our lives, including improved mood, lowered stress and better chances of being selected for desired opportunities.” – Sioux Messinger, CEO of Cream of the Crop Leaders, Co-Founder of The Executive Presence WorkshopsInteractive Executive Presence Keynotes and Leadership Retreats for Adults.


Cream of the Crop Leaders now offers Confident + Unstoppable: Youth Empowerment workshops:

Research (available on the youth website) shows that these skills can make an enormous difference in a young person’s life.

Cream of the Crop Leaders’ youth empowerment program, Confident, Powerful Youth, is a highly-interactive and top-rated workshop which supports youth transitions from and helps to build youth confidence.  View the Research!  For ages 14-17, offered worldwide. Information about Crowdsourcing, Sponsorship and other financial options available.

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