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Quick Version:  What’s The Executive Presence Training Really Like?

Utterly Transformational. 

  • 90% interactive
  • Participants practice tools to appear powerful, credible and confident + video feedback = An amazing, authentic transformational experience.
  • Everyone supports others’ success. Enormously teambuilding.
  • Participants become exhilarated!  Learned power-confidence becomes authentic, and the benefits are immediately apparent.
  • For everyone, including top leaders.


  • Boosts credibility + buy-in
  • Creates powerful and effective challenge-approach leaders
  • Participants report increase in felt power, mood, courage and energy.

Available Worldwide | No International Travel Fees.

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5-Star Reviews for Cream of the Crop Leaders, Executive Presence Trainings

Top-Rated for a Reason: It Works. 

  • "Executive Presence doesn’t even begin to cover what I learned in this course. The way I think, feel, and prepare have completed changed."

    Freddy V
  • "Transformative. The only leadership workshop I’ve ever found truly useful and profound in moving me to the next level of leadership."

    Kathy G.
  • "I could see my team transforming before my eyes. It was absolutely a fantastic experience. It is incredible."

    Vijaya N.
  • "This was hands down the best workshop I have ever been to!"

    Leonard Y.
  • I broke through the wall that I built to protect myself and am now truly free to reach my potential. Thank you for being such wonderful guides.

  • An amazing experience.  I leave with a fresh inspiration of power and confidence. Thank you!

    Beth S.
  • "This was a terrific workshop."

    David S.
  •  “Excellent and transformational.  Presence is hard to define - until you feel it.”

    Peg F.
  • "Simply exhilarating. Transformed who I am as a professional and as a person."

    Joseph N.
  •  “Amazing. The tools completely changed my outlook on life.”

    Tristan M.
  • Thrilling and engaging, it was a great 2-day seminar/workshop...that I will gladly ride again and again. I learned so much about myself and even faced one of my biggest fears.  Bravo! 

    Alex Y.
  • “Extremely powerful. Created a paradigm shift within myself.”

    Nick C.
  • “This was an amazing changing.”

    Cindy W.
  •  “Lots of great material, well delivered, brought to a powerful crescendo.”

    Jeff S.
  • “Amazing!  Great exercises.  No improvement possible.”

    Chris P.

As low as $291-437 per employee per day (less than many mass-market trainings)

We’ll return your quote soon!

As low as $291 per employee per day (less than many mass-market trainings)

We’ll return your quote soon!

You Bring Yourself Wherever You Go.

You Bring Yourself Wherever You Go.

Review from a C-Suite Executive:

“Attending Cream of the Crop Leaders’ Executive Presence Training changed me for the better, and the changes continue to extend beyond my career.  The combined compassion, expertise, and delivery of feedback transformed my approach to myself and actually changed my perceptions, my behavior, and even my posture.

I can take command of a room better than professionals with far more experience in my field.  And the thinking tools of top performers have rendered me (the ultimate nervous-Nelly) to be level-headed and calm at times of high pressure.

Over a year later, I am a better leader, friend, and person as a result of your Executive Presence Training.  Thank you!”

Kelly F.G.

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5-Star Reviews for Cream of the Crop Leaders, Executive Presence Trainings

Top-Rated for a Reason: It Works. 

Benefits + Outcomes: The Executive Presence Workshop Onsite

Cream of the Crop Leaders’ Executive Presence Training is transformational, 5-Star Rated by participants, benefits employees and organizations from all industries, and is based on research.

Benefits + Outcomes: Each participant in this top-rated Executive Presence Training will learn skills to:

  • Radiate a powerful, relaxed and vibrant executive presence that inspires & creates buy-in
  • Create credibility and trust with new and existing customers, stakeholders and colleagues
  • Know how to instantly appear and feel impressive with influential people
  • Develop rapport easily with anyone, including the C-Suite and key clients and stakeholders
  • Build mutually-supportive connections with other participants; this executive presence class is inherently and profoundly teambuilding
  • Receive solo attention and personalized feedback from the instructors to clear personal impediments to executive presence
  • Develop challenge-approach rather than challenge-avoidant tendencies
  • Experience the transformational benefits of Video Feedback Training
  • Benefit from brief confidential coaching to address private concerns, or deepen practice
  • Become a role model of executive manners and leadership for any organization

Methods + Outline for this Executive Presence Course

As low as $306 per employee per day (less than many mass-market trainings)

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In highly-interactive small-group sessions, Cream of the Crop Leaders’ Executive Presence Training participants repeatedly practice physical, verbal, non-verbal and relational executive presence and confidence techniques.

Because our Executive Presence Training teaching methods are so interactive, they create muscle memory for cumulative, lifelong benefits.

  • 90 Doing/10 Didactic:   Highly-focused instruction is given only briefly (about 10% of each hour) followed immediately by active application (about 90% of each hour).  Learning through Doing is our instructional credo.  Our Executive Presence Training participants are intellectually stimulated, emotionally engaged and genuinely invested in being their truest, biggest selves.  It’s transformational.
  • Teaching tools and techniques, all designed to keep our executive presence training participants actively engaged, include: Dyad exercises (working with one other person), Video Feedback (film and group review of how one presents themselves), small group exploration, multimedia presentations, instructor feedback, giving and receiving peer feedback, large group sharing and discussion, and real-world application exercises.  Our Executive Presence Training will be unlike any training you’ve ever experienced. Transformational leadership at it’s finest, this may be the best leadership training you’ve ever experienced. Onsite Executive Presence Trainings or Single-Seat purchase public Executive Presence Workshops.
  • Active Engagement works. Cream of the Crop Leaders’ Executive Presence Training utilizes highly-interactive methods to build muscle memory and develop new brain-neural pathways (see research), setting the stage for a lifetime of proactive responses to challenges.  Transformational executive leadership program.
  • Safety & Inclusion: Profound lasting change occurs readily in a safe atmosphere. Our Lead Instructors’ instructional and coaching styles – honed after decades of facilitating professional and transformational leadership trainings – cultivate warmth, connection, laughter, mutual support, and, above all, authenticity. We have a zero-tolerance for unconstructive criticism (including self criticism). Even the most nervous of executive presence training participants will likely enjoy the spotlight in this transformational leadership training and executive presence seminar.

Benefits + Outline

Learning through Doing is our instructional credo.
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Highly-focused instruction is given only briefly (10%) followed immediately by active application (90%). This means that participants are up, engaged, and actively internalizing their newfound confidence.

As low as $291-437 per employee per day (less than many mass-market trainings)

Uncommon Quality | Yet Common Pricing

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Outline: Executive Presence Training, 3-Day (see 2-Day outline)

  • The Body: Your Power Base and “Tell”
  • Intentionality, Pace and Purpose
  • Challenge Approach vs. Challenge Avoidant
  • Thinking Habits of Top Performers: Part I
  • Creating Trust and Believability
  • Owning the Room
  • Voice: Authority Revealed
  • Punch: Passion & Aliveness
  • Likability and Connection: The How
  • Eye Contact: Power & Vulnerability
  • Greeting Another to Make Them Melt
  • Creating Credibility through Connection
  • Thinking Habits of Top Performers: Part II
  • Connecting with the C-Suite and Key Stakeholders
  • Developing Engaged Rapport with Anyone
  • Thinking Habits of Top Performers: Part III
  • Final Video Feedback and Instructor Feedback
  • Skills-Reinforcing Closing Process

Methods + Benefits + Quick Quote

What is the difference between your 3-Day and 2-Day Executive Presence Training?

3-Day Training
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The 3-Day training is highly recommended. Most people who’ve attended a 2-Day Executive Presence Training later remark that they wish they had attended the 3-Day version due to their excitement with the training and their desire to further solidify their new found EP and confidence.
2-Day Training
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Though very valuable, the 2-Day executive presence workshop has less video feedback and fewer solo exercises (both valuable for reinforcing new learning). Also, segment lengths inevitably vary depending on the number of participants and the individual needs of each group. Therefore, the 2-day training may or may not include sections such as: Connecting with the C-Suite, Developing Engaged Rapport with Anyone, Thinking Habits of Top Performers Parts II-III.

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Even the most training-jaded team members call this the best transformational leadership workshop ever.

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