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Is this workshop only for those who lack confidence?
  • This workshop is for everyone, including those with a fair level of confidence. Decent self-esteem doesn’t necessarily translate into skills for communicating our gifts with others.  And, if others don’t perceive you as credible and confident as you feel, you’ll likely become overlooked, stalled – and frustrated. Many powerful, accomplished people report huge benefits from this workshop. So many adults say, “I wish I had learned this earlier!”  You’re in the right place.
  • That said, other participants describe themselves as having low or zero confidence. That’s okay, too. You simply haven’t been taught the tools yet. You deserve to look and feel confident, and get respect; it’s your birthright. You’re also in the right place.
  • Truth be told: everyone arrives a bit nervous (even our adult participants) but, due to the confidence tools we’re going to teach you, this passes quickly for most people! You’ll have a ‘buddy’, we’ll have fun, and everyone is treated equally with respect and care. We insist on it, and you’ll feel at home. Don’t you think it’s time to bite the bullet and learn these skills now so you don’t have to carry around worry about how others perceive you? It’s worth it!

The ability to radiate, without words, credibility, power and confidence can be learned, and have enormous positive life-long implications.

How can I find a schedule of Youth Confidence Workshops?

At this time, we don’t offer open-enrollment youth confidence workshops.

Instead, we come to your town, saving you travel fees. 

  1. Groups (schools, faith groups, clubs, 501c3 Non-Profits) contact us to bring us to their organization.
  2. The group pay us, then the group can ask participants to reimburse the participants for their seat (at the same per participant rate that we charge).
  3. Note that Non-Profit 501c3 organizations are eligible for a free workshop plus up to $10,000 USD donation through our Empowerment Partner Program (Brochure) – dependent upon our availability.
Need help finding funds?

Do you or your group need help finding funds?  Payment Options:

  1. Sponsors: A group of parents (and/or youth) can find 1 sponsor to pay for the workshop, 4 local sponsors to each pay 25% of the entire workshop fee – or 10 sponsors to each pay 10%, etc. For great ideas, see our Sponsor web page and share it with potential sponsors. 
  2. Empowerment Partner Program (Brochure)(for 501c3 Non-Profits): Receive a workshop at zero cost to your 501c3 – and receive up to $10,000 donation (pending our availability – our calendar fills).
  3. Employee Reimbursement: Is your teenager or young adult employed? Employer reimbursement may apply. Ask the employer.
  4. Of course, there’s always Private pay: An organization pays a set fee (if desired, the organization can ask each family to reimburse for their child’s or relative’s seat). This option works well when a pre-established group (like a graduation commencement committee, faith group, school or club) can easily get the word out and offer individual seats to its community.


Special accommodations?

We’re happy to provide special accommodations as long as we have at least three weeks notice (so that we can make sure we can provide the accommodations you require). Please note any special needs on your registration form, and describe a satisfactory accommodation arrangement in as much detail as possible.

Lunch time and breaks?
  • Lunch breaks are usually an hour and typically start sometime around 1:00 pm. During these enjoyable working lunches, you will be paired with co-participants. Boxed lunches are complimentary and special diet requests can be noted on the registration form.
  • Please inform your workplace and associates that you will not be available to attend to business or personal matters (except in the case of emergency) during the lunch hour or breaks.
Attire: What should I wear to the Outstanding Youth empowerment training?

There are no hard and fast rules here. If you’re preparing for interviews or high-stake conversations, you might want to dress as you would in the desired situation. A general rule for those seeking to open doors is to dress to where you want to go; for most of us, this means dressing one step up in formality. Some people plan their outfits in advance as a way of lowering pre-workshop stress while maximizing the benefits of experimenting with different looks. Ultimately, we want you to be comfortable, so please find a solution that serves you best.

Who will be the Instructor?

Either – and often both – of the company founders will lead the workshop. This means there will usually be both one male and one female instructor. Both founders over 20 years of individual instructional experience. See instructor bios.

Minimum and maximum number of participants?
  • Minimum: We’ve found that peer support and feedback enriches the learning experience. Each participant learns a lot by watching what others do well (and not so well) and therefore we recommend a minimum of 4.
  • Maximum: This training is highly effective, in part because we limit the training to 15 participants. Therefore, each receives an enormous amount of solo attention, peer support and instructor feedback, all effective in removing personal insecurity-indicators and building a confident presence based upon one’s authentic and unique personality.
What does the Outstanding Youth empowerment workshop price include and not include?
  • The price includes: Multi-day training, healthy boxed lunches, morning coffee, training facility, equipment, participant workbooks – and tools that will last a lifetime.
  • Not included: Participant transportation, lodging or parking. Facilitator travel, lodging and per diem.
Ages and Gender for Outstanding Youth?

Both males and females 15 – 20 years old are warmly welcome. Groups can be formed as mixed-gender or solo-gender. Those 21 years and older may join our adult Power + Confidence Trainings.

Is it normal to be nervous?

You bet. It seems that almost everyone arrives a bit nervous, so there’s no need to hide it. This nervousness typically passes after about 15-30 minutes. Some of our most transformed young people who were those who hemmed and hawed about canceling up to the very last minute.

We are fully committed to providing a safe and supportive atmosphere; this is because an accepting atmosphere allows for deep, meaningful and lasting learning, and this is what we intend to leave you with. Many of our services involve laughter and maybe a tear or two, both hallmarks of truly transformational trainings. If you (or your child, if a parent is reading this) have any potentially serious issues with anxiety and/or are under the care of a mental health or medical provider, describe in detail your condition and outline acceptable accommodations on the registration form. First and foremost, you should share our materials with treating medical providers and follow their advice. You may contact us at any time about this.

What is your federal tax I.D. number?

Cream of the Crop Leaders’ federal tax I.D. number is 35-2495030 (COTC Inc.).


Empowerment Partner Program: Free Workshop + Up to $10,000 Donation | For 501c3 non-profits
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Empowerment Partner Program (EPP):

501c3’s (non-profits) can receive a Free Workshop + up to $10,000 USD donation

  • For more information about the EPP for Young Adult + Youth Workshops (1) download the below brochure, then (2) click here
  • For more information about the EPP for Adult Workshops (1) download the below brochure, then (2) click here
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