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Outstanding Youth: Confident + Unstoppable is a youth confidence workshop based on Cream of the Crop Leaders’ award-winning adult confidence workshop, Voted Top Leadership partner by

Participants practice tools of the trade to look and feel confident – despite fear or circumstance.

Our Favorite Part: Learned confidence can become real.

These powerful tools build success – and joy!  A seat in this workshop is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

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Pricing for Workshops + Keynote, Outstanding Youth: Confident + Unstoppable

Standard Payment

Your organization pays a standard fee. You can ask each family to reimburse your organization for their youth participant seat. This option works well for pre-established groups that can easily get an invitation out to multiple families (like a graduation commencement committee, faith group, school or club).

If your group is a 501c3 non-profit, we donate!  Be sure to check out our Empowerment Partner Program and Crowdsourcing donation options below.

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Best Gift Ever.  Changes lives.

Are these confidence workshops only for insecure people?

These workshops are for everyone, including well-adjusted people. That’s because few of us have been taught how to present as confident, even if we feel confident inside. If you do already feel confident, it’s important that your internal confidence and your external displays of confidence match. Otherwise, you’ll be underestimated, or missed.

Similarly, many participants do not describe themselves as confident. Many arrive nervous or have mixed-feelings about attending.  Nervousness is natural (even our adult confidence workshop participants arrive nervous!) but the nerves don’t last long. We create a safe environment and allow only constructive feedback so that nervousness quickly ends. Learn more about our Methods.

Looking for Adult Confidence Workshops?  We call them Executive Presence Trainings, but they’re for Everyone, not just executives.

Each Outstanding Youth workshop participant learns tools of the trade to present him or herself as the “Cream of the Crop”: Confident, impressive and outstanding – despite fear or circumstance.  And, then – confident feelings become authentic!

Let’s reach youth while they are young and resilient, before the negative thinking and insecurity take hold. 

Youth Empowerment Program, Youth Training Program, Self Esteem in Adolescence -

The joy and serenity of a confident life.

Give as Gift: This course makes an unforgettable, life-long gift (ex: graduation gift) that will build success upon success. Give the joy and serenity of a confident life!

Potential Sponsors: Take it in: In 20 years, today’s youth will be running our world. Today’s youth will be making vital decisions about world policy, our environment and issues related to safety, justice and humanity.  Sponsor a youth retreat, youth empowerment program or any of Cream of the Crop Leaders’ youth empowerment services.

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Our instructors' clients include leaders from these top organizations:

Make your youth retreat or youth empowerment program a memorable occasion with Cream of the Crop Leaders’ youth empowerment services.

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