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What Is It?

Have you ever noticed how some people – without saying a word – radiate a calm, commanding authority that automatically generates respect and high-performance?  You’ve seen it before: when these people walk in a room, everyone sits up a bit straighter, brushes off excuses, and gets down to business. These commanding individuals have a way of being that commands respect, creates top performance, cements relationships with key stakeholders – and generates continued loyalty and new growth.  Our Executive Presence Training shows each participant how to radiate similar levels of power, confidence and warm credibility. This creates buy-in and builds solid relationships. Because the power we teach becomes REAL – the effect is not a stiff, manufactured leadership persona. Instead, each participant re-kindles his/her own latent power and develops his/her own unique version of relational executive power.  And because the learned power is based in authenticity, people respond favorably. The way that we teach executive presence works. Even experienced senior and C-Suite leaders benefit from this training.  Perfect for trainings or team building retreats.

Perfect for C-Suite, Senior + Emerging Leaders: The Executive Presence Training is for everyone – including successful and confident leaders. We all benefit from brushing up on our “this is me” message.  After all, prospective clients and key stakeholders are immediately attracted by or repelled by the credibility of your leaders – and it drives everything. Boost your leaders’ ability to create buy-in with key stakeholders, employees and colleagues. 

Benefits + OutcomesEach participant in this top-rated Executive Presence Training will learn skills to:

  • Radiate a powerful, relaxed and vibrant executive presence that inspires & creates buy-in
  • Create credibility and trust with new and existing customers, stakeholders and colleagues
  • Know how to instantly appear and feel impressive with influential people
  • Develop rapport easily with anyone, including the C-Suite and key clients and stakeholders
  • Build mutually-supportive connections with other participants; this executive presence class is inherently and profoundly teambuilding
  • Receive solo attention and personalized feedback from the instructors to clear personal impediments to executive presence
  • Develop challenge-approach rather than challenge-avoidant tendencies
  • Experience the transformational benefits of Video Feedback Training
  • Benefit from brief confidential coaching to address private concerns, or deepen practice
  • Become a role model of executive manners and leadership for any organization

Our Executive Presence Training is research-based.

Sending your leaders shows that your support Diversity, Inclusion + Gender Equality. That’s right:

Some of the tools we teach may boost one’s chances of advancement; this means shrinking gaps, leveling playing fields, and strengthening inclusion. 

Supports your Succession Plans:  Our EP Training naturally supports your Succession Programs.  Employees with institutional knowledge are extraordinarily valuable.  EP grooms these content-smart employees to take on greater leadership roles within your organization.

It’s fascinating and fun (who doesn’t want to feel a bit more confident and powerful?) yet we turn out the very best executive leaders – polished, impressive and relational.

Team Building Retreats: The Executive Presence Training is the perfect theme for team building retreats. It’s hugely team building, but with so much more: your team will also leave with powerful tools. Our Executive Presence Training utilizes peer feedback. And, since everyone has unique strengths, each participant learns from watching – and supporting – their teammates.  Soon, EVERYONE is rooting for the other participants’ power and success (wait until you see this)!  Everyone benefits, including introverts, extroverts, nerds, and dominant bull-in-the-china-shop types.

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Quick Version: What’s The Executive Presence Workshop Really Like?

16 people seated in a semi-circle (2-3 days).  Participants practice highly-interactive tools to appear powerful, credible and confident + video feedback = an amazing, authentic transformational experience.  Participants learn simple tools for projecting a confident, powerful, commanding presence. A close knit connection forms among group; everyone supports others’ success.  Instantly applicable to work and personal life. Research-based: Creates challenge-approach leaders, improves mood, reduces stress + cortisol.

Who’s it for?  For everyone, including C-Suite and confident people. This training is equally appropriate for Executive Team members, Senior Leaders and Emerging Leaders.

We offer complimentary CEU and recertification credits for HR Leaders (SHRM Preferred Provider, HRCI Recertification). Wish CEUs for your license were available for our services? Contact us and view our CEU page.

Onsite EP Training

Methods & Benefits

EP as Awesome Team Building

EP as Team Building

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Executive Presence Trainings can be offered as leadership trainings, team building retreats - or as a reoccuring part of your Emerging Leader trainings and succession plans.

Heard about our Interactive Executive Presence Keynote Guest Speaker Event that has everyone up practicing executive presence right from their chairs?


Cream of the Crop LeadersExecutive Presence Training is supported by research which collectively shows that the tools we teach can:

  • Improve the way others perceive your leaders, leading to better odds of winning new clients, acquiring important contracts, propelling business growth, and improving leadership effectiveness
  • Create employees who approach rather than avoid challenges
  • Improve morale and create optimistic and engaged team members

Shows Your Support for EEO and Diversity-Inclusion:

Since the tools learned can improve advancement, this workshop shows your support for EEO/Diversity/Gender Equality and Succession Plans.  Our #1 company priority is the equality and empowerment of all human beings. Power for Everyone.

Pricing and Registration:


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Only 16 participants per session.

Exciting + Powerful

“Power causes individuals to feel more positive, in control and more likely to take action.”

Harvard Business School

Our instructor’s clients include leaders from


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