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San Francisco Executive Presence Training

The best transformational leadership experience.


Far from business stuffy, our Executive Presence Training is utterly transformational, 90% interactive and a powerful team-building experience.

What Is It?  Have you ever noticed how some people – without saying a word – radiate a calm, commanding authority that automatically generates respect and high-performance?  You’ve seen it before: when these people walk in a room, everyone sits up a bit straighter, brushes off excuses, and gets down to business. These commanding individuals have a way of being that commands respect, creates top performance, cements relationships with key stakeholders – and generates continued loyalty and new growth.  Our Executive Presence Training shows each participant how to radiate similar levels of power, confidence and warm credibility. This creates buy-in and builds solid relationships. Because the power we teach becomes REAL – the effect is not a stiff, manufactured leadership persona. Instead, each participant re-kindles his/her own latent power and develops his/her own unique version of relational executive power.  And because the learned power is based in authenticity, people respond favorably. The way that we teach executive presence works. Even experienced senior and C-Suite leaders benefit from this training.

Cream of the Crop Leaders’ Executive Presence Training: Voted Top Leadership Partner – globally – through HR.com.  Experience the best transformational leadership.

Onsite Executive Presence Training

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Voted Top Leadership Partner – Globally – by HR.com

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The Executive Presence Training – Best Transformational Leadership

Quick Version:  

  • Participants practice tools to appear powerful, credible and commanding + we add video feedback.  RESULT: The power and confidence become real.  Sound too good to be true?  See participant reviews.  90% interactive. Utterly transformational.

Benefits + OutcomesEach participant in this top-rated Executive Presence Training will learn skills to:

  • Radiate a powerful, relaxed and vibrant executive presence that inspires & creates buy-in
  • Create credibility and trust with new and existing customers, stakeholders and colleagues
  • Know how to instantly appear and feel impressive with influential people
  • Develop rapport easily with anyone, including the C-Suite and key clients and stakeholders
  • Build mutually-supportive connections with other participants; this executive presence class is inherently and profoundly teambuilding
  • Receive solo attention and personalized feedback from the instructors to clear personal impediments to executive presence
  • Develop challenge-approach rather than challenge-avoidant tendencies
  • Experience the transformational benefits of Video Feedback Training
  • Benefit from brief confidential coaching to address private concerns, or deepen practice
  • Become a role model of executive manners and leadership for any organization

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Are your San Francisco leaders trained out?  Tired of boring trainings?  The best transformational leadership trainings are completely different.

Money Back Guarantee:  Zero Risk, yet huge ROI.  No fine print – If you’re not satisfied, just request a refund before your second service. We’re absolutely confident that you and your colleagues will rate this as one of the most exciting, effective and profitable professional development experiences ever.

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Top-Rated for a Reason: It Works. 

  • “I cannot imagine a better program to help you grow in such a short time. Great work!!! 5 star.”

  • “Amazing!  Great exercises.  No improvement possible.”

    Chris P.
  • “Extremely powerful. Created a paradigm shift within myself.”

    Nick C.
  • “Participating in Cream of the Crop Leaders was a Seminal Moment in my life!”

    David B.
  • “In 40 years, The Executive Presence Training is one of the top two courses I ever took.”

    Jeffrey C. Executive & Business Coach
  • “Bravo!!!  Well worth my time. Sorry I didn’t know about the 3 day session.”

    Renee N.
  •  “I loved it!  Great opportunity.  Great experience.”

    Lisa Y.
  •  “Lots of great material, well delivered, brought to a powerful crescendo.”

    Jeff S.
  •  “Excellent and transformational.  Presence is hard to define - until you feel it.”

    Peg F.
  • "This was a terrific workshop."

    David S.
  • "This was hands down the best workshop I have ever been to!"

    Leonard Y.
  • I have used the tools since the session and they work!

    Jeanine F.
  • “This was an amazing experience...life changing.”

    Cindy W.
  •  “Amazing. The tools completely changed my outlook on life.”

    Tristan M.
  • “Great Program! I could go on and on about this program's impact on me!”

    Jon G.

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Equality and empowerment of all human beings is our #1 company priority.

We believe in the equality of all races, genders, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations – and the empowerment of all people.  Power for Everyone. 

And, guess what?  The tools we teach can boost ones’ chances of being selected in desired high-stakes situations.  This means that our tools can level playing fields and shrink gaps

Are you serious about diversity and inclusion?  Talking about inclusion is truly good – but talk isn’t enough. Give your team real tools that can help level playing fields and shrink gaps. Everyone deserves to benefit from the best transformational leadership trainings.

Our Vision:  May all beings remember their full magnificence and benevolent power.

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Voted Top Leadership Partner – Globally – by HR.com

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Our instructors’ clients include leaders from these organizations, and more.

Cream of the Crop Leaders’ Executive Presence Training is top-rated by participants, benefits employees and organizations from all industries, and teaches tools based on research. Cream of the Crop Leaders is committed to creating the best transformational leadership experiences.

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Executive Presence as Team Building
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Team Favorite!
Our Executive Presence Training is the quintessential team building experience. Highly interactive and intentionally designed to leverage peer-support, each participant will 1) Learn to appreciate the others’ strengths and
2) Be immensely warmed by the support they'll receive from the group.

More Teambuilding Options

Succession Planning: The EP Solution
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Why pay for ½ leaders? Reveal the treasures you already have by making your good leaders remarkable. The Executive Presence Confidence Training prepares your emerging leaders to look - and feel - like a credible leader, and readies them to step into higher levels of accountability and visibility. Our powerful 2 and 3-Day Executive Presence Trainings are competitively priced. The way we teach Executive Presence is different - and it works.
Executive Presence for Sales Professionals

Executive Presence for Sales Professionals:

Just like you, customers choose the most credible, trustworthy, and likable and sales person. Without executive presence, your best sales techniques appear sale-sy, and no one wants to buy from a shark. After all, research shows that sales ranks in the lowest 10 percent of professions people trust (Gallup, 2013).

Participants in our The Executive Presence Training will repeatedly role play a relaxed and engaging way of being that creates credibility and buy-in with prospective and existing clients, key stakeholders, colleagues and employees.

“If building relationships is the key to sales success, then trust is the foundation. Sales are made when trust exists. And trust grows in conversations. Maintain that trust and customers may become buyers for life.” Todd Duncan, Success Magazine

Invest in the best transformational leadership training, proven with a track record of awards and top-reviews.

Interactive Keynote or Guest Speaker

Executive Presence Interactive Keynote or Guest Speaker:

Looking for a fresh, exciting keynote presentation that will leave everyone pumped for action and primed to engage at your event? How about an Interactive EP Keynote?  Our highly-interactive keynote presentation, Executive Presence: Practice Tools to Appear Credible + Create Buy-In, will have every member of your audience up, active, and actually practicing executive presence skills right from their chairs. 

Group Favorite!

Outcomes: Each participant in this Interactive Executive Presence – Confidence Keynote will

  • Actually practice techniques that allow them to appear and feel impressive with influential people, and improve chances for success
  • Be able to identify and immediately correct two insecurity indicators.
EP for Leadership Development

Why Executive Presence is the Best Transformational Leadership Training

Want ROI from your San Francisco leaders?  Show them how!

Most people haven’t been taught how to appear credible and create buy-in. The best transformational leadership trainings make sure that participants leave ready to hit the ground running. Your leaders will leave the Executive Presence Training knowing 1) how to appear credible 2) how to create impressive rapport with key stakeholders 3) how to create buy-in and 4) how to retain confidence even throughout the most challenging of tasks.

Think about it: You invest hugely in employee salaries and benefits. So, why settle for half-ROI due to uninspired and under-transformed employees?  After all, your leadership team is the face of your organization and the blueprint for your organization’s future performance.

The best transformational leadership trainings make it easy to create top-notch leaders: Cream of the Crop Leaders has a proven track-record (top reviews)- and offers a money-back guarantee. Zero risk.

Leader behavior sets the bar for employee performance organization-wide. After all, both formal and informal organizational norms are based on the behavior of your leaders. So, get it right. Show your leaders how you want them to show up.  Like all of the best transformational leadership trainings, our Executive Presence Training is 100% team building.

The Executive Presence Training creates credible, personable and powerful leaders. Your leaders and emerging leaders will learn to:

  • Radiate an authoritative and engaging presence in a way that inspires rather than polarizes
  • Create credibility and trust with new and existing customers, and with employees
  • Develop rapport easily with anyone, including prospective high-level clients, employees and other leaders.   See more about our Executive Presence Training and enjoy the best transformational leadership training.

Looking for other training topics?

Our calendar fills: Contact us to reserve dates in our calendar.

EP for Customer Service

Executive Presence for Customer Service Training:

The Executive Presence Training is customer service training for the serious five-star aspiring institution. Here’s what we know and what we teach: Five-star customer care is elegant, calm and present. It stems from a warm, intentional way of being that is customer-focused. It’s more of a “sweep-you-off-your-feet” way of being, than a squeaky-cheerleader “Hi!”. Our Executive Presence Training will teach both your executive team and your line staff how to interact with customers in a way that makes them purr – and who doesn’t want to be the cat’s meow? As an added benefit, our executive-presence based customer confidence training is inherently teambuilding. Your group will re-enter your organization with a shared and radiant presence that creates and maintains customers for life.

If you’re serious about creating a world class customer care culture, our Executive Presence Training is your blueprint.  

Even your most training-worn and senior leaders will leave our Executive Presence Training exhilarated, motivated, unstoppable – and grateful – to you.

The best transformational trainings are 90% interactive – like ours. Unlike other trainings, our participants are up, active, and actually practicing their own executive presence throughout your entire training.

The result?  The best transformational leadership experience in San Francisco. Check out our testimonials.

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