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Adult Power + Confidence Workshop

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Youth Confidence Workshop

Methods & Benefits

Ready to look and feel confident, despite circumstance?  Everyone deserves this.

What is Host a Workshop?  Many people ask us, “Do you have leadership courses near me?” Therefore, we’ve developed Host a Workshop, a way to bring our top-rated power and confidence workshop to your metropolitan area!

Anyone 18 years or older can Host a confidence workshop – and receive a Free Seat. It’s easy.

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Adults attend this power + confidence workshop: 

Executive Presence Training

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No obligation. You can cancel at any time.

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 All About Hosting | 4 Great Benefits to the Host

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The Host attends for free - or may gift this free seat to a loved one (click to open)

The Host is any person who initiates a training in their area. We handle all workshop administration and set up.

It's super simple (click to open)

The Host has only 1 task. Cream of the Crop Leaders handles all of the fussy details, including registration and payment.

The training is scheduled when and where you want it

We pass travel-related savings to you by offering the training right in your metro area!  And we find training dates that work well for you.

The Best Benefit Ever

Participants will learn tools to look and feel confident, powerful and relaxed – anytime, anywhere – despite fear or circumstance. Everyone deserves to look and feel confident.

What’s the 1 Task?

1 Task Only:  Cut-Paste-Send!

Here’s how it works:  First, we’ll find dates that work well both for you and us. Then, we’ll send you a customized invitation, complete with your name and the workshop dates.

All you do is this: Cut and paste this customized-invitation into emails, or share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat or Instagram. When folks say, “Sure, I might be interested” you simply forward their contact information to us.  That’s it.  You’re done.  It’s easy.  We take it from there.

Then it’s our turn:  Once we receive the list of potential participants, we’ll send a registration invitation to each. If at least 11 others confirm, the training is final – and your seat is free. We handle all workshop coordination and set up.  You’re done.

There’s no obligation to you or to the people who add their name to your Interest List. You can stop Hosting at any time, and those you’ve invited can simply opt out at any time prior to purchase.

Check out Brainstorming My Connections to see how easy it is to identify prospective co-participants.

Begin hosting your workshop. Remember: there is NO obligation. You can stop at any time.

Begin Hosting

No obligation. You can cancel at any time.

Each participant receives:

  • 2-Day, top-rated Power + Confidence Workshop

  • Life-long tools to look and feel confident, despite circumstance

  • Video feedback training

  • Personalized coaching from expert facilitators that will help you minimize your particular behaviors that detract from a confident image (and increase behaviors that amplify a confident presence)

  • Professional Workbook

  • An amazing, transformational experience

Per Seat Cost: $2950 per person (USD)

Employer Reimbursement for participants:  Share this with employers

Host attends for free.

Minimum 12 participants (including Host seat) to make workshop viable.

Ready to Host?  There’s no obligation, and you can cancel at any time.

 Excellent. You’re considering Hosting. Tell us about yourself.

Host a Training FAQs

What are the duties of the Host?
  • 1 Task Only: Make a list of people who express potential interest in attending a workshop during the dates you’ve proposed. That’s it. Here’s how it works: We’ll send you an invitation-template, complete the workshop dates best for you. All you do is cut and paste this text into emails and social media contacts, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When folks say, “Sure, I might be interested”, you forward their contact information to us. That’s it. You’re done.
  • Then it’s our turn: Once we receive your Interest List, we do our best to corral a workshop into your town. If 15 other people confirm (or even fewer if all participants agree to the higher per participant rate), the training is set and you attend for free.    
  • Click here to begin hosting, or just Contact Us. Remember: there is NO Obligation. You can stop at any time.
Any obligation to the Host?

No, none at all. The Host can back out from Hosting the training at any time. However, we hope you stick with it because, if you do, you will feel confident and powerful in so many situations for the rest of your life. If the Host does back out, and there is enough interest, COTC may or may not continue to corral the training.

Any obligation to those who add their name to the Interest List?

No. None. The Interest List simply expresses potential interest.  Once the workshop is announced, each can register – or ignore the notice.

May I share hosting duties with someone else?

Sure, the more help you have in getting the word out the better, and you’ll be able to draw from the social media contacts of your co-host(s), too! However, you’ll have to work out any financial agreements directly with your co-host(s). In other words, we’ll seat you (the main Host) for free, and require full registration payment from co-hosts. You and your co-hosts can work out any sort of repayment arrangement amongst yourselves; COTC will not be involved with these financial arrangements at any time.

How do I find participants?

You’ve got a whole metro area to pull from – yours!  We’ve got some great worksheets with tips for you. But, for now…
1. Cut/paste our invitation template  (we’ll send this to you) and email it to local businesses, professional chapters, rotary clubs, faith groups, friends and family members, etc.
2. Cut/paste our invitation template into your social media contacts: LinkedIn, Facebook and more.
3. Share the invitation with your employer, team leaders, your HR department, and your Learning + Development team.
4. Take a few minutes to view our Brainstorming Your Connections guide (under News + Research, then Resources); this will give you many “ah-ha’s”
5. There’s nothing like a personal chat over coffee (or the phone) to really garner interest
6. Suggest the purchase of seats as Gifts: perfect for occasions like graduations, birthdays, anniversaries. Grandparents, Aunties/Uncles – everyone wants someone they love to get a boost.
7. Ask us for help. We’ll search our database and invite those in your area.

Will Cream of the Crop Leaders help me find participants?

Sure, we’ll try. With your permission, we’ll share your contact information with others who request information about possible upcoming trainings. If you choose this option, you may add these names toward the 15 seats in your workshop.

Cost to participants?

Cost:  $1590 USD per participant. In some cases we can lower the price (example: when your group can provide a suitable training room and/or participant lunch).

Participants receive:

  • Tools to look and feel confident. These are tools that you’ll use for the rest of your life.
  • Expert personalized coaching expert facilitators to minimize mannerisms that detract from your most confident, commanding presence
  • Video feedback
  • Small group support (maximum 15 seats)
  • Professional materials
  • Lunch and coffee, daily
  • In most cases, this workshop is held at a hotel meeting room or similar venue
  • Ready to Host?  There’s no obligation, and you can cancel at any time. 


Other Ways to Pay for the Training:
  • Employee Reimbursement: Employers often reimburse for our trainings, because these trainings benefit employees and organizations from all industries.
  • Financial Sponsors: Financial sponsors may contribute the fees for one seat, an entire workshop, or a percentage of a workshop (consider asking 4 local sponsors to each contribute 25%, or 10 local organizations to each contribute 10%). Sponsorship is especially viable if your group has a theme that might appeal to sponsors (women, older people reentering the work force, disadvantaged groups, young entrepreneurs, etc). See our Financial Sponsor page.
  • Crowdsourcing Your Training Fees:
    • Crowdsourcing is a fantastic way to either raise funds for one seat, or pool the social media contacts of all members and raise funds for an entire workshop.
What is the difference between your 3-Day and 2-Day Power + Confidence trainings?
  • People love both and you’ll be happy with either.  Difference:
    • The 2-Day Executive Presence Workshops have one less video feedback opportunity and fewer solo exercises.
    • Also, segment lengths inevitably vary depending on the number of participants and the individual needs of each group.  Therefore, the 2-day training may or may not include all components listed on the 3-Day course outlines.
    • Share your vision with us and we’ll give you our recommendations. Most groups receive terrific results with our 2-Day trainings.  Contact us.
Can you guarantee a training after the Host returns an Interest List?

We have every desire to actualize each Hosted workshop!  We do so when enough participants commit to the dates and per-seat price. While we can’t guarantee a workshop, we can usually make it happen with substantial interest!

How will the people on my Interest List register?

We handle registration and payment.  All the Host does is prepare an Interest List of potential participants.

  • All interested parties will receive notification from us when the workshop is viable including:
    • Proposed workshop dates
    • Price: The estimated per participant price based on the number of participants who have expressed interest. Simple pricing: see FAQ “Cost per participant”.
  • With this information, each then decides whether or not to move forward. Each can say yes or no to a seat. No obligation.
    • If more than 15 people confirm interest for the final dates: We’ll announce a registration opening date and time. The first 14 to make full payment at this time (the host attends for free) will receive a reserved seat.
    • If less than 15 participants are interested in the final dates: We’ll inform your group of the per participant price (based on the number of participants).  Those interested can complete online registration and payment.
  • Registration: Seats are reserved on a first paid basis.  A registration link will be emailed to all.
    • Please note: Payments should never be submitted to the Host. Also, the Host cannot reserve or promise seats.
Is lunch, parking and the facility included?

Training Facility and Lunch are typically included for     

Parking & Transportation: 

  • A good resource for locating nearby parking and transportation is the “Explore this Area…Search Nearby” function of Google Maps.
  • Please allow adequate time both for parking and walking to the training facility.


General FAQs

Couldn’t find the answer to your question about our power and confidence workshops?

Or, check out our FAQ.

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Confidence Workshop for Youth:  Youth Empowerment Page.

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It’s easy to Host Confidence Workshops with Cream of the Crop Leaders. If you’re looking for ‘leadership courses near me’, then you’re in the right place.

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