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Our Co-Founders’ Management Trainings:

  • Were Voted Top Leadership Partner – Globally – by
  • Were referenced in Fortune magazine 
  • Propelled a leading organization to become one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work
  • We pride ourselves on creating polished, effective and exciting management trainings
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Management Trainings | 2 Extraordinary Options

Transformational Trainings (including Executive Presence)


Standard yet Essential Management Trainings


  • “Great Program!  I could go on and on about how positively I feel about this program and its impact on me. Thank you!”

    Jon G.
  • “I cannot imagine a better program to help you grow in such a short time. Great work!!! 5 star.”

  • “This was an amazing changing. What I learned will help me so much, professionally and personally.”

    Cindy W.
  • “Amazing!  Great exercises.  No improvement possible.”

    Chris P.
  • “Extremely powerful. Created a paradigm shift within myself.”

    Nick C.
  • “Participating in Cream of the Crop Leaders was a Seminal Moment in my life!”

    David B.
  • “In 40 years, The Executive Presence Training is one of the top two courses I ever took.”

    Jeffrey C. Executive & Business Coach
  • “Bravo!!!  Well worth my time. Sorry I didn’t know about the 3 day session.”

    Renee N.
  •  “The personalized coaching is amazing. The tools completely changed my outlook on life.”

    Tristan M.
  •  “Cream of the Crop Leaders enabled me to be perceived as more believable.”

    Amit N. [Sales Leader]

Transformational Management Training

The Leadership Presence Training

5-Star Rated

VOTED TOP LEADERSHIP Partner – Globally – by

– For everyone, not just executives –


Quick Version:  What’s The Executive Presence Workshop Really Like?

  • 90% interactive | Utterly transformational
  • Participants practice tools to appear powerful, credible and confident + video feedback = An amazing, authentic transformational experience.
  • Everyone supports others’ success. The executive presence workshop is enormously teambuilding.
  • Participants become exhilarated!  Learned power-confidence becomes authentic, and the benefits are immediately apparent.
  • For everyone, including top leaders and generally confident people. Everyone benefits from polishing their ‘this-is-me’ message.
  • You bring yourself everywhere you go: this management training will benefit every area of life.

Participants report:

  • Power and confidence hugely boosted
  • Leave with real tools that they can apply to everyday professional and personal challenges
  • Increase in credibility + and ability to create buy-in
  • Greater likelihood of approaching rather than avoiding the challenges that create business ROI and make life worth living
  • Improved morale and mood

Available Worldwide | No Travel Fees Worldwide means We’re Your Local Trainer

Cream of the Crop Leaders | Innovative + Effective Management Training

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The Radical Business Challenge

Massive ROI

Advanced EP Training:  Mega-Profitable Skill-Anchoring

– For graduates of the Leadership Presence Training


What is it?

Skill anchoring opportunity that offers your company huge ROI

  • Participants apply their Executive Presence to current work challenges:  they take a basic account/project/etc. and make it bigger, bolder and wildly successful
  • Our facilitators guide participants in applying the tools of Power, Connection to Self, and Connection to Others to chosen goals (goals approved by your leader team)
  • Additional transformational tools taught 
  • 5 half-day sessions over the course of 10-12 months

The results:

  • Continued and deeper transformation of each individual
  • A profound connection and bond between co-workers based on authenticity and growth
  • A culture of continuous learning and direct, respectful feedback
  • Companies report off-the-chart ROI because each participant:
    – Continues to go past their self-limiting thoughts to access greater levels of power, creativity, confidence, and success than they had previously known
    – Learns to overcome their most difficult professional challenges
    – Becomes a much more powerful and connected leader

Ask for more details about this exciting program for truly innovative, powerful companies, the Radical Business Challenge. There’s so much more to share!

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Standard Yet Essential | Management Training

For all staff, including C-Suite, VPs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, line level employees. Up to 24 participants*

Mix and match our leadership training components to build a training day best for your organization.

(up to 7.5 hours per day)

Coaching & Counseling Your Employees: Corrective Action

  • 3.5 hours
  • This crucial and highly-interactive leadership experience coaches your leaders in the practical steps to understand when and how to coach, counsel and document interactions with their employees. These fundamental skills guide necessary disciplinary conversations as well coaching conversations designed to help employees achieve goals. Highly interactive and use of customized role plays. Coaching and counseling skills help to create trust between employees and senior management, and ensure a productive and aligned work force. A crucial leadership development training component.
  • Components:
    • Importance of documentation and managing resistance
    • Methodology for growing employees’ skills and career paths
    • Practical 4-step formula to coach employees
    • Role play coaching employees using custom scenarios and our 4-step formula
    • Practice writing up employees using your company forms
    • Role playing delivering write up to employee
    • Role playing terminating employee


Situational Leadership II (Situational Leadership I does not exist)

  • 3.5 hours, Blanchard SLII Training, led by a Certified SLII Trainer
  • Time-tested, there are good reasons why this leadership training is still a gold-standard. Situational Leadership provides leaders with a remarkably simple and effective model to achieve two crucial tasks: diagnose the development needs of each of their supervisees – and then apply a corresponding leadership style designed to propel development targets. This solid and easy to apply leadership-style identification system creates confident and focused leaders. Further, supervisees respond to their leader’s customized guidance style with higher work satisfaction, improved engagement and higher retention.
  • Components:
    • How to diagnose development levels of employees
    • How to apply specific leadership styles to developmental levels so employee’s needs are thoroughly met
    • How to avoid over-supervision (micro-managing) and under-supervision
    • Understanding effects of over-supervision (micro-managing) and under-supervision through role-playing
    • Each participant will diagnose the development levels of some of their employees (by themselves, confidentially) and determine which leadership style will best meet their employees’ needs
    • Exploration and discussion about what to do when an employee regresses


Core Accountability

  • 3.5 hours
  • Increased accountability results in higher productivity and personal satisfaction. This leadership development training addresses the often unexpressed frustration with lagging accountability. It helps employees increase their own accountability through a variety of in-depth tools, thought-techniques and practical exercises. Each participant will learn how to take responsibility for external events in ways that are usually far beyond what they had previously understood.
  • Components:
    • Ramifications of not being accountable as a leader
    • Gaining deeper understanding of why we are not always accountable
    • Increasing accountability through a variety of Thinking Habits of Top Performers
    • Roleplay various techniques to deal with real-life scenarios.
    • Letting go of blame and taking ownership
    • Taking ownership for our teams’ mistakes
    • Taking ownership before someone notices your error


Healthy Workplace Communication Skills:

  • 3.5 hours
  • This training is the foundation for a culture of high engagement. Associates learn how to give and receive feedback as well as how to address critical issues. This training helps associates transform potential conflicts into creative opportunities that build a sense of mutual partnership rather than a win-lose outcome. Essential for improving productivity and reducing HR costs.
  • Components:
    • Difference between feedback and criticism
    • How to give feedback to peers or senior management using a 2-step formula (Feedback to direct reports is covered in our Coaching & Counseling course)
    • Role play how to give feedback with various examples using a 2-step formula
    • Understanding the Key of Communication
    • Understanding various levels of active listening
    • Role play active listening formula using increasingly complex scenarios
    • How to reduce defensiveness when bringing up concerns with others
    • Role play bringing up concerns with peers or above using 4-step formula


Mindful Delegation

  • 1.5 hours
  • Many leaders either forget to delegate tasks, or do so haphazardly, resulting in leader overwhelm and loss of bench strength. This leadership training offers clear methods for identifying good delegation opportunities, how to create seamless task transfer. This leadership development training dovetails with succession planning efforts, and is a welcome relief to managers.
  • Components:
    • Through role play, discover why stops us from delegating
    • Through role play, determine keys to delegation
    • Each participant problem-solves how to better delegate in their own job


Critical Behavioral Interviewing Skills

  • 2 hours
  • This leadership training provides leaders with simple yet pivotal skills to effectively weed out toxic applicants, and leads to stronger organizations and reduced turnover costs. It costs a company enormous revenue each time an employee is hired (due to lost productivity when the position is open, train-up time, advertising costs, time spent interviewing, etc.). Most importantly, effective behavioral interviews are key to deciding whether a potential employee will either complement or poison a team.
  • Components:
  • How to formulate interview questions to get the most thorough and relevant information from applicants
  • Questions to avoid (marital status, children, etc.) to ensure legal compliance
  • How to extract additional information interviewees to make sure you’re not hiring a bad apple

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Trust & Credibility

  • 3 hours
  • In this training, employees learn the foundation of credibility and the specific behaviors to gain and lose credibility. Each participant will learn how to become trustworthy in the eyes of others as well as how to establish high trust relationships with their team members. This training translates into more productive and efficient teams.
  • Components:
    • Breaking the myths of credibility
    • Understanding specific behaviors that create trust and distrust
    • Determine benefits of trust and costs of distrust
    • Methods to regain lost credibility
    • Exercise to explore ways to effectively communicate intentions so as not to be misunderstood
    • Exploration: How to handle situations where you don’t feel capable
    • Value and ramifications of integrity

Support Your Team while Supporting Senior Management

  • 3 hours
  • Unique and Effective: One of the most difficult challenges for any leader is to support their staff’s needs and concerns while also supporting the policies, procedures, and direction of senior management.  Often a manager will be either compassionate with their employees (and join a gripe session against senior management), or the manager will so fiercely support upper management that s/he will lack empathy (and therefore credibility) with their staff. This leadership development training helps leaders learn how to support both teams, therefore decreasing divisions within the company and the “Us vs. Them” mentality that destroys organizations.


DiSC Personality-Behavior Style Training

  • 4 Hours
  • Led by a Certified DiSC Trainer, the DiSC model is a non-blaming behavior-style indicator that creates understanding and team insights – gently. The DiSC is widely used because of its simplicity and effectiveness. DiSC will help each employee identify and appreciate the personality styles, dominant strengths – and the strengths/challenges of his/her coworkers. Each will also learn ways to develop their own strengths and work through their own challenges. The DiSC model is inherently team building – and interesting! The DiSC system becomes a lasting foundation for compassionate and effective interpersonal understanding among employees for years to come. We highly recommend that each participant complete the DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile prior. Since this course is inherently team building, a detailed description can be found on our Team Building page.


Proactive Responses to Negativity

  • 3.5 Hours
  • Want to boost morale and help your employees respond proactively to challenges and change? Signs on poor morale and organizational negativity include costly tardiness, absenteeism, employee turnover, overt hostilities, unresolved conflicts and/or greater-than-average stress or HR related claims. In this course, participants will identify their own tendencies toward pessimism and optimism (we all have both), learn how to deal with others’ negativity, and form resilient responses to change and challenge.  This is an exciting and empowering training for all people, and forms bonds throughout the group.  Highly interactive.


Advanced Train the Trainer*

  • 7 Hours curriculum design training only; 7 additional hours for highly recommended presence, facilitation and presentation practice
  • Raise your internal training team to the next level!  This highly-interactive Advanced Train the Trainer course is facilitated by seasoned curriculum design artisans. Participants will practice state-of-the-art techniques to create effective, relevant, interactive, and enjoyable trainings. Learn to create interesting trainings even from mundane topics. Your trainers will benefit from instructor, group, and video feedback to hone their mastery and supercharge your training results.  *Maximum 8 participants


Time Management

  • 2 hours
  • This special Time Management training helps employees examine their unconscious habits for managing their time. Condensed into two hours, this powerful training packs in the essentials. Employees come out breathing huge sighs of relief as they re-wire their thinking on how to approach their daily and long-term tasks. Can improve productivity, and reduce burnout and negativity.
  • Components:
    • How to prioritize tasks
    • How to ensure your primary tasks get completed
    • How to manage others’ expectations
    • Additional tips and techniques

*24 participants maximum in all Standard Yet Essential trainings, with the exception of Advanced Train the Trainer

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