Equality of All Human Beings: Diversity, Gender Equality + Inclusion

All the “ism’s” arise from fear:  Racism, sexism, homophobia-ism, etc.

Our #1 company priority is the equality and empowerment of all human beings.  In fact, our company mission statement is: May all beings remember their full magnificence and benevolent power. So, while I’m a big fan of conversations about inclusion and diversity, I’m a bigger fan of offering people from underrepresented groups real tools proven to boost advancement. Let’s level playing fields and shrink some gaps.

About Us:  

Me (Sioux here):  I’m a proud child of a single mother who marched in the Detroit ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) rallies of the 70’s and 80’s.  Yes, that’s my mother, Barbara, smiling in the photo.  I sit in my office proudly looking at the very sash she wore in this Detroit march.  Though my mother worked hard, school teachers didn’t make much money in the 70’s, and my siblings and I grew up rather poor. I remember hopping on the counter and searching for food in the cupboards at the end of my mom’s 2-week paycheck cycle.

The combination of coming from a lower income home and being raised by a single mother made us a bit outcast in the predominately white, middle-to-upper class, hypocritical-religious community where the lawns were perfect (except ours) and regularly spayed by Chemlawn.  Though our home was impeccably clean and we were a close, connected family, we were held at arms length by the neighbors. As a child, I felt this. We were “different”.  Yet, despite being “one down”, my mother was a staunch advocate for equality and taught us to never utter racist epithets against blacks and other people of color so commonly heard in that generation (remember the Polish jokes so freely told? I’m 50% Polish).  I feel so fortunate that I had great role models of diversity and inclusion in my life.  I remain a true believer in the equality of all human beings, and an unabashed feminist.

About Dan, our company Co-Founder:  When Dan was Senior Director of Training + Diversity at Kimpton Hotels + Restaurants, Kimpton was named a Fortune Best Place to Work, and training was one of only three determining factors that went into this fine award. Anyone who knows Kimpton knows about Kimpton’s commitment to inclusion of all people, as well as Kimpton’s commitment to the LGBT community. Dan himself grew up with a disability – and a profound experience of exclusion. Ask him about it.

Many tools we teach in our Executive Presence Workshops are shown by research to ACTUALLY boost one’s chances of being selected in desirable high-stakes opportunities! (see our Leadership Research page – or see a summary of this research at the end of this article). This is leveling playing fields and shrinking gaps at its finest!  Look at our leadership training reviews and case studies to know that it’s true: the tools we teach really do create powerful, credible, challenge-approach people who get the respect they deserve.

Diversity, inclusion and gender equality are REAL priorities for us, not just talk.  Let’s level some playing fields and shrink some gaps. Let’s give people real tools that help them to be chosen in desirable high-stakes situations.

Give us a call if you’d like to talk about inclusion, or if you’re interested in holding an Executive Presence Workshop at your location as a diversity training, a general leadership training, a management training for your C-Suite or emerging leader training program. Supports succession planning, too.

Zero Travel Fees | Worldwide.

We’re a personal company, committed to staying human, and committed to conversations about diversity, inclusion and gender equality. No question is ever too small for me.

May all beings remember their full magnificence and benevolent power.   


Research Agrees:  Learned Power is Good for You

Here’s just a snapshot of the Research that shows that the tools we teach boost one’s chances of being hired/advancement and can support your diversity & inclusion efforts.  More research on our Leadership Research page.

  • Boosts your Credibility:
    • More likely to be chosen in high-stakes situations ¹
    • Tools proven to boost advancement
  • More likely to approach challenges ²
  • Improved Mood, Energy, Positive Thinking ³ and Testosterone¹
  • Lowered Stress and Cortisol¹


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