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Life-Long Benefits

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Our Youth Empowerment Program and Interactive Motivational Speaker services are unlike others.

Cream of the Crop LeadersOutstanding Youth – Confident & Unstoppable training is a highly-interactive 2-3 day youth empowerment program which teaches tools shown by Harvard University and Wharton Business School Research to collectively suggest that learned behaviors (like learned power and new ways of thinking) can create new, positive, crucial habits and:

  • Improves one’s chances of advancement and being selected for desired positions
  • Leads to proactive challenge-approach behavior
  • Improves mood and lowers stress and cortisol
  • Can reduce anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other maladaptive youth behavior (though this is not a counseling or psychological service program)
  • Though our participants report similar outcomes over and over again, not all of research supports these findings. Be informed: see our research page.

Cream of the Crop Leaders’ youth empowerment program participants repeatedly practice physical, verbal, non-verbal and relational confidence indicators. The result?

  1. First, they begin to truly feel confident. What a boost.
  2. Each participant learns tools to radiate a uniquely confident, engaging, bright and credible stance, essential for life-long use in personal, academic and professional situations!

Top-Rated. Harvard and Wharton Business School research-based.

Small groups of only 16 participants ensures powerful change with life-long implications. We different from some youth empowerment programs. We love what we do.

‘THE RULES FOR WORK ARE CHANGING. WE’RE BEING JUDGED BY A NEW YARDSTICK: not just by how smart we are or by our training or expertise, but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other. This yardstick is increasingly applied in choosing who will be hired and who will not, who will be let go and who retained, who passed over and who promoted.’  Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., Psychologist, and expert on social intelligence

  • “My ability to look and actually feel confident was profoundly changed through my participation in Cream of the Crop Leaders’ confidence training.”

  • “I am so thankful and grateful that I did this course. It changed my life. Thank you so much for not only boosting my confidence but giving me a better and stronger outlook on myself and life.”

    Madeline D.
  • “At the beginning of the course, I did not feel powerful or confident. But in only 3 days, I’ve completely been able to change my outlook on life and myself. I’ve found that I am a confident and powerful person that’s worth being loved.”

    Jade C.
  • "In the past, I was always wiggly - at a loss as how to orient myself. But now I know how engage with others in a way that allows me to be seen in my full potential."

    Spencer C.
  • “After all this time, I still feel the benefits of your Cream of the Crop Leaders’ training. I feel more assertive, confident and accomplished within myself. I feel solid.”

    Maddie D.

Outcomes & Benefits – Outstanding Youth: Confident & Unstoppable

Each participant in this truly remarkable youth empowerment program will learn the tools to:

  • Radiate a confident, relaxed and vibrant presence that engages, inspires & creates buy-in with influential people
  • Create credibility and trust with those in decision-making positions, including potential supervisors, decision makers and university officials
  • Receive solo attention and personalized feedback from the instructors to clear personal insecurity-indicators and then build a solid, confident impression
  • Develop rapport easily with anyone, including adult leaders and peers
  • Identify one’s own habitual challenge-avoidance thinking habits and apply a clear method for transforming these into challenge-approach tendencies
  • Build mutually-supportive connections with other participants; this training is inherently and profoundly teambuilding
  • Benefit from a brief confidential coaching session to address private concerns, or deepen practice
  • Become a role model of leadership and proactive change for any organization
  • Experience the extraordinary benefits of Video Feedback Training

These are life-long benefits worth investing in! Best gift ever.

Logistics, Outstanding Youth empowerment program:

  • Only 15 participants per session
  • 2 or 3-day versions
  • Ages 13-19 years old
  • Mixed or solo-gender
  • Weekdays and weekend sessions available
  • Available worldwide
Best Gift Ever.
Last Forever
Life Changing
Builds Success upon Success

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This is a gift that will never be forgotten.

What if someone had given this to you during your youth?

2 ways to attend our Youth Empowerment Program

Organizations & Groups: Onsite at your location

Individuals: Host a Training in Your Area (Free Seat to Host)

5 Ways to Pay

Private Pay, Employee ReimbursementHost a Training (Free Seat to Host), Sponsors, Crowdsourcing


In highly-interactive small-group sessions, Cream of the Crop Leaders’ youth empowerment program participants repeatedly practice physical, verbal, non-verbal and relational confidence indicators.

Our teaching methods are highly interactive, and create muscle memory for cumulative, lifelong benefits.

90 Doing/10 Didactic

Learning through Doing is our instructional credo. Highly-focused instruction is given only briefly (10%) followed immediately by active application (90%). This means that participants are up, engaged, and actively internalizing their newfound confidence.

Learning by Doing

Teaching tools and techniques, all designed to keep our participants actively engaged, include: Dyad exercises (working with one other person), Video Feedback (film and group review of how one presents themselves), small group exploration, multimedia presentations, instructor feedback, giving and receiving of peer feedback, large group sharing and discussion, and real-world application exercises. Active engagement works! Cream of the Crop Leaders utilizes these and other highly-successful teaching methods to build muscle memory and develop new brain-neural pathways (see research), setting the stage for a lifetime of proactive responses to avoidance and adversity.

Safety & Inclusion:

Profound, lasting change occurs readily in a safe atmosphere. Our Lead Instructors’ instructional and coaching styles – honed after years of facilitating professional and transformational trainings – cultivate warmth, connection, laughter, a few tears and, above all, authenticity. Mutual-support and zero-tolerance for nonconstructive criticism (including self criticism) are promoted. Soon, even the most nervous of participants will likely enjoy learning.

Confidence affects everything.

Check out our 1- Minute Video.

3-Day Training Components – Outstanding Youth: Confident & Unstoppable

The Body: Your Power Base and “Tell”
Intentionality, Pace & Purpose
Becoming Challenge Approach v. Challenge Avoidant
Thinking Habits of Top Performers, Part I
Creating Trust & Believability
Owning the Room
Voice: Authority Revealed
Punch: Passion & Aliveness
Likability & Connection: The How
Eye Contact: Power & Vulnerability
Greeting Another to Make Them Melt
Creating Credibility through Connection
Thinking Habits of Top Performers, Part II
Connecting with the Decision-Makers
Developing Engaged Rapport with Anyone
Thinking Habits of Top Performers, Part III
Final Video Feedback & Instructor Feedback
Skills-Reinforcing Closing Process

Difference between the 3-Day and 2-Day Outstanding Youth empowerment program


  • 3-Day: The 3-Day training is highly recommended. Most people who’ve attended a 2-Day Program later remark that they wish they had attended the 3-Day version due to their excitement with the training and their desire to further solidify their new found confidence.
  • 2-Day: Though very valuable, the 2-Day program has less video feedback and fewer solo exercises (both valuable for reinforcing new learning). Also, segment lengths inevitably vary depending on the number of participants and the individual needs of each group. Therefore, the 2-day program may or may not include sections such as: Developing Engaged Rapport with Anyone and Thinking Habits of Top Performers Parts II- III.

“Learned power [confidence] skills increase chances of being hired

Not only do these postures reflect power (confidence), they also produce it

Power causes individuals to feel more positive, in control, and optimistic about the future and to become more goal-oriented and likely to take action.” 

Harvard University research

Interactive Keynotes and Motivational Speaker for Youth-Themed Events

Keynote Title:  Let’s Practice Tools to Look & Feel Confident & Outstanding!

Looking for a fresh, exciting keynote or presentation that will raise your youth-themed event energy and prime your participants for lively, engaged participation throughout?

Our highly-interactive keynote will have youth and adult audiences of all sizes up, active, and actually practicing learned confidence (LC) skills right from their chairs!  Plus, this high-octane and truly meaningful keynote will appeal to all members of your audience – youth and adult. This is because everyone wants to learn how to look and feel a bit confident; it’s energizing and will leave your group joyful and expansive!

This interactive keynote presentation is based on Harvard University research which shows that learned confidence becomes authentic, improves mood, increases chances of being chosen for select positions, and creates challenge-approach people. Your participants will leave your event with essential skills – and they’ll credit your event for bringing these transformative tools into their lives.

  • 3-Day: The 3-Day training is highly recommended. Most people who’ve attended a 2-Day Program later remark that they wish they had attended the 3-Day version due to their excitement with the training and their desire to further solidify their new found confidence.

What’s it like? It’s loud, happy and fun! The energy in the room during these presentations is joyous and expansive.  After all, at the close of this interactive keynote, each participant will exude a confident, benevolent and radiant power. Your participants will be engaged.  Your event energy goes up, and the cheerful, engaged chatter that follows will be happy music to your event-planning ears. And, remember, both the youth and adults will enjoy it equally.  Ready to receive rave reviews for your youth-themed event?


And, all types of people love it. Here’s why: Everyone is engaged when the topic is themselves.

Youth Motivational Keynote Speaker: Sioux Messinger

Ready to see outstanding event evaluations? Let’s create some return-attendees for you.

We also offer Adult audience motivational speaker keynotes and workshops and CEUs for many professional groups.   How about an Adult based keynote that offers CEUs?

Contact Us for pricing and additional information.

Youth Motivational Speaker, Guest Speaker, Keynote - for Youth Events
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Let’s Practice Skills to Look & Feel Confident, Remarkable & Impressive!
Interactive - regardless of audience size! Youth & Adult members love it.
Primes your event energy.

This fun, high-octane interactive youth motivational speaker will introduce participants to skills for looking and feeling confident, remarkable & impressive, despite fear or circumstance. And everyone will love it, including the adults present.

Boys and Young Men:

Many young men want to take charge, and testosterone supports these natural leadership tendencies. Yet, males are also subject to confidence-eroding societal messages. Advertisements that reflect society’s definition of “masculinity” focus on abnormally muscular bodies and stoic facial expressions. Maintaining this aura of impenetrability is in opposition to the human experience, creates stress and prohibits the kind of connected, healthy relationships key to a free and meaningful life.

Therefore, few boys are aligned with their authentic inner power. Without this, they lean toward bravado/bluster and accompanying destructive behavior patterns, including:

  • Power over others rather than power within themselves
  • Power without connection or vulnerability
  • Gangs and bullying
  • Drugs and substance abuse
  • Anxiety and depression

Girls and Young Women:

Our world benefits from strong females. Yet, when females manifest leadership traits, we tend to punish them for it. They walk a tightrope between likeability and respect. Check out this fantastic video that illustrates the fine lines that constrict females.

Therefore, few girls are aligned with their authentic inner power. Criticized as “conceited” if confident and “bossy” if leader-like, mixed societal messages leave our young women holding back (at best) and developing maladaptive behaviors such as:

  • Eating Disorders: 78% of girls under 17 are unhappy with their bodies
  • Girl Bullying: Catty behavior and social exclusion
  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety and Depression

I am a Feminist: Emma Watson to the United Nations

Let’s get our young women and men pointed in the right direction! Outstanding Youth workshops empower young people to express their unique gifts and benevolent power – while connecting with others – for their good and the betterment of our world.

Sponsor an Outstanding Youth training and help generations of girls and boys, young women and men, become future leaders with benevolent power and the felt capacity to be their full, remarkable selves.

Is the Outstanding Youth empowerment program only for youth lacking confidence?

Learned Confidence (LC) is for everyone, including those with intact self-esteem. This is because having good self-esteem doesn’t necessarily translate into skills for effectively communicating our gifts to others.  The ability to radiate, without words, credibility, power and confidence can be learned, and has enormous positive life-long implications. After all, most employers will choose not necessarily the best candidate, but the one who pops out as being “the cream of the crop”.

Bring our youth empowerment services to you.