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We’re proud of our youth empowerment program reviews, testimonials and case studies written by participants.  We love what we do, and it shows. 


Our instructors’ clients (youth + adult) include leaders from these esteemed organizations:

Benevolent power:

  • Creates buy-in rather than resistance
  • Propels action – and turns dreams into reality
  • Reduces violence, sadness and addiction in the world – and fosters peace
  • Is the foundation of a meaningful life

Outstanding Youth: Confident & Unstoppable offers a life-changing opportunity for our future leaders to revitalize their inherent significance – and their uniquely benevolent and commanding selves. Everyone deserves this – and it serves the world.



Boy, we’re so proud of our youth empowerment program and our reviews.  How’d it start? Over 10 years ago, Founder Sioux Messinger created an early version of this course for her private corporate clients. Later, and in her role as Clinical Faculty at University of California San Francisco (School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry), Sioux offered this course to her UCSF medical students. While brilliant, many of these medical students lacked the skills to “pop” outside of themselves and share their gifts in a connected and radiant way. As a result, they were being passed over for the best residency positions and many felt stalled early in their careers. Sioux found that just by teaching these students tricks-of-the-trade for presenting with confidence, her students reported feeling as confident as they were “pretending” to be. Of course, exciting new research proves that learned confidence becomes authentic, and has enormous positive life implications, including improved chances of being selected for desired projects and positions. Outstanding Youth: Confident & Unstoppable teaches challenge-approach and confidence skills to youth in their formative years, before malaise and maladaptive habits are fixed. Maybe that’s why we are seen as the best and our love behind our youth empowerment program and get such heart-warming reviews.


Power is essential for all living things. The word power comes from the Latin posse, meaning “to be able”.   I must be able to say I am, to affirm in a world into which, by my capacity to assert myself…I create meaning. No human being can exist for long without some sense of his significance. S/he must be able to feel this “I count for something” and be able to live-out that felt significance. It is the lack of this sense of significance, and the struggle for it, that underlies much violence. For violence has its breeding ground in impotence and apathy. The state of powerlessness…is the source of violence. Violence arises not out of superfluity of power but out of powerlessness. Deeds of violence in our society are performed largely by those trying to establish their self-esteem, to defend their self-image, and to demonstrate that they, too, are significant. Rollo May, Power and Innocence

Both Outstanding Youth and the similar adult version, The Executive Presence (EP) Confidence Training, are offered worldwide.

About the Founders & Lead Instructors

Sioux Messinger
Sioux Messinger, Cream of the Crop Leaders’ CEO, Small

Sioux Messinger’s client list is extensive, including: Apple, Macy’s, andU.S. Department of Education.

Currently Clinical Faculty in the School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry at University of California San Francisco, Sioux also offered group facilitation at Stanford University and more.

With over 20 years experience developing some of the world’s finest transformational leadership curriculum, what really sets Sioux apart is this: her uncanny ability to see in you what you don’t yet see in yourself, and her positive, caring determination to help you realize your hidden potential.

Dan Messinger

For twenty years, Dan Messinger has spearheaded award-winning training and organizational development initiatives for the world’s top company leaders.

Formerly VP of Learning & Development for a $5 Billion public company (BRE Properties, now Essex Properties), Dan’s ground-breaking leadership and executive development initiatives paved the way for massive positive cultural change and documented company growth.

Fortune magazine noted Dan’s ground-breaking training contributions as one of only three factors that propelled Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants to achieve Fortune’s esteemed 100 Best Places to Workdesignation.

Dan has developed leaders from scores of organizations such as Sheraton Hotels, Valspar, SUNY, Kimpton Hotels and RestaurantsSparta Systems, and many more.


  • “I am so thankful and grateful that I did this course. It changed my life. Thank you so much for not only boosting my confidence but giving me a better and stronger outlook on myself and life.”

    Madeline D.
  • “At the beginning of the course, I did not feel powerful or confident. But in only 3 days, I’ve completely been able to change my outlook on life and myself. I’ve found that I am a confident and powerful person that’s worth being loved.”  

    Jade C.
  • “After all this time, I still feel the benefits of your Cream of the Crop Leaders’ training. I feel more assertive, confident and accomplished within myself. I feel solid.”

    Maddie D.
P.A., recent Princeton University applicant

“My ability to look and actually feel confident was profoundly changed through my participation in Cream of the Crop Leaders’ confidence training.”

Anxiety was something I tried to avoid. To me, anxiety was like a virus; as soon as I got it, I wanted it out of my system. But Cream of the Crop Leaders taught me that while avoidance was a treatment of the symptoms, facing my anxiety directly was the cure. Anxiety affects each person differently. For me, the side effects of anxiousness included long periods of silence, distant stares, tapping of the feet, and increased heart rate; not life-threatening, yet not enjoyable. Of course I still get anxious, but, thanks to Cream of the Crop Leaders’, I know how to sit with and work with my anxiety.  I look at it, apply Cream of the Crop Leaders’ techniques – and suddenly there is not a lot left to be anxious about.” 

Madeline D.

“Even after all this time, I still feel the benefits of your Cream of the Crop Leaders’ training.  I feel more assertive, confident and accomplished within myself.  I feel solid.

I’d always been friendly, but I just had some gnawing sense of awkwardness about being myself and this training really helped me to shift.  In particular, the exercises showed me how to connect with others while remaining connected to myself.  Now, I realize that I can just be myself, and that it’s not about acting or trying to be something I’m not, but about connecting from me – flaws and all. Now, when I need to deliver a presentation or approach an intimidating situation, I’m more relaxed.  I worry less.

Now, I feel like I always have this simple but really effective tool in my back pocket for creating a great connection with anyone. These skills are going to help me for the rest of my life.

Spencer C.

“In the past, I would’ve just been wiggly or not known exactly how to access a confident state within myself.   Perpetually winging it, I was always at a bit at a loss as how to orient myself.   But thanks to the skills I learned from Cream of the Crop Leaders, I know both how to ground myself and how engage with others during an interview in a way that allows me to be seen in my full potential.

Recently, I interviewed for a coveted professional position (many applicants had applied). I used the skills repeatedly throughout a multi-tiered and exhaustive interview process. I nailed it, and was chosen! Prior to the training, I would’ve appeared distant or disembodied, as if I lacked confidence, and my message wouldn’t have been embraced. Now, while giving presentations, I’m present and, therefore, my message is embodied; I appear confident and powerful. The framework I learned from Cream of the Crop Leaders   has allowed me to drop into my message rather than focus on my nervousness.  I still use the training skills in so many situations.  As a result, I can now actually engage with others, connect with my listeners, and feel alive.” 


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