The Executive Presence Training

Benefits Your Organization.
Creates Impressive + Effective Leaders.

Executive Presence is neither business etiquette nor fake.

The Executive Presence Training is for everyone – including C-Suite and confident people – who understand the immense value of brushing up on one’s “this is me” message.  After all, we read each other instantly. Prospective clients and important stakeholders are immediately attracted by or repelled by the credibility level of your leaders, and it drives everything.

Executive Presence Workshops teach tools to appear and feel powerful and credible. These skills benefit both organizations and employees.

Quick Version: What’s The Executive Presence Workshop Really Like?

Your employees will learn (1) to project a credible “This is Me” message and (2) how to connect with others from this place.

16 people seated in a semi-circle (2-3 days).  Participants practice highly-interactive tools to appear powerful, credible and confident + video feedback = an amazing, authentic transformational experience.  A close knit connection forms among group; everyone supports others’ success.  Instantly applicable to work and personal life. Research-based: Creates challenge-approach leaders, improves mood, reduces stress + cortisol.

Who’s it for?  For everyone, including C-Suite and confident people. This training is equally appropriate for Executive Team members, Senior Leaders and Emerging Leaders.

Plus, we offer complimentary CEU and recertification credits for HR Leaders (SHRM-HRCI) Accountants (CPA, PA), Nurses (ANCC credits for RNs, PAs, NPs, More) and, when ANCC credits are accepted, Pharmacists, Social Workers and Physical Therapists. Wish CEUs for your license were available for our services? Contact us and view our CEU page.

Onsite EP Training

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Onsite EP Training

Pricing & Registration

Onsite Options
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We also offer Executive Presence Trainings as a leadership training, retreat theme, team building event – or as an essential part of your Emerging Leader training succession plan.

Heard about our Interactive Executive Presence Keynote Guest Speaker Event that has everyone up practicing executive presence right from their chairs?


Cream of the Crop LeadersExecutive Presence (EP) Training is based on research which collectively shows that the tools we teach can:

  • Improve the way others perceive your leaders, leading to better odds to win new clients, acquire important contracts, propel business growth, and improve leadership effectiveness
  • Create challenge-approach employees
  • Improve morale and create optimistic and engaging team members

This workshop shows your support for EEO/Diversity/Gender Equality and Succession Plans, since these skills support advancement.

Pricing and Registration:  

Groups – up to 16 participants: Typically, we offer Onsite Executive Presence Workshops to private groups and at workplaces.  

Individuals attending Public Executive Presence Workshops: See our multiple employee discounts on the registration page.  You may send one or several employees to one of our Public Executive Presence Workshops:

Public Executive Presence Trainings costs:

3-Day Training:  The before discount price is $1950 USD per seat (only $650 per day; less than many mass-market trainings) and includes complimentary lunch and CEUs.  Only 16 seats per session ensures that each of your employees will receive highly-personalized feedback and solo attention.  Discounts below.

2-Day public trainings (offered less often) begin at $1750 USD per seat.

To determine whether your employee is attending a 2 or 3-day workshop, view our Public Workshop schedule and view the location requested by your employee.

RESERVE SEATS NOW:  Sessions fill up.

  • Multiple employee discount: Each employee receives $150 off their seat
  • Early Registration  discount (4 months prior): Each receives $150 off
  • Non-Profit, Gov’t and Veteran employees: Each receives $100 off his/her seat

Find out more about our ONSITE Training and Services, Coaching, Leadership Retreats and Interactive Executive Presence Keynotes. Onsite workshops seat 16-24 employees and save you on costs related to group travel and lodging:

Onsite Executive Presence Trainings and Other Executive Trainings & Services are popular options. Click on each to find out more.

Executive & Business Coaching is offered onsite or via video Skype. Powerful, our coaches use time efficiently.  Our coaching comes with a money-back guarantee.

Interactive Executive Presence Keynotes:  Everyone practices right from their seats.  Highly engaging, professional and exciting.

Host a Training in Your Area: Individual seats vary in price depending upon how many people attend and more. See pricing and details here

Please note that seats are reserved on a first fully paid/first reserved basis.

 Due to the limited availability of seats, we do not hold seats without payment, even when employer reimbursement is imminent.

Only 15 participants per session.

Mixed and solo gender options

“Power causes individuals to feel more positive, in control and more likely to take action.”

Harvard Business School

Our instructor’s clients include leaders from