General FAQs

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I don’t see your training in my area. How can I get a training in my area?

You can bring any of our trainings to your area in one of several ways:

Can I get your trainings and Other Essential Services delivered onsite?

Yes.  Every one of COTC’s services can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization and delivered onsite at the location of your choice.  Visit our onsite Executive Presence Training page or Other Essential Services.

Is there an age requirement for Cream of the Crop Leaders’ Executive Presence Trainings?

Participants range from age 20 to Golden Seniors.  Younger participants (13 – 19 year olds) learn life-changing confidence skills in our research-based Outstanding Youth: Confident & Unstoppable workshop.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants for the trainings?


  • The Executive Presence (EP) Training and Outstanding Youth interactive confidence trainings are typically limited to 16 attendees, or less. We set this low maximum to ensure that each participant receives a high level of individual attention. The daily training cost for onsite trainings are the same even if less than the maximum number of attendees are present.
  • Other Essential Services typically allow up to 24 participants. The daily training cost is the same even if less than the maximum number of attendees are present.
  • Interactive Executive Presence-Confidence Keynote | Adult – Women – Youth Versions | No maximum!  Everyone practices tools of the trade to look and feel powerful, confident and radiant, right from their seats. Group favorite.

Minimums:  For the Executive Presence Workshops, we recommend a minimum of 4 participants. Peer observation and support enriches the learning experience. Participants report that they learn so much by watching what others do well (and not so well) – and grow through receiving and giving supportive peer feedback. The daily training cost for onsite trainings is the same even if less than the maximum number of attendees are present.  Prefer private individual coaching 

What is the difference between your 3-Day and 2-Day trainings?
  • 3-Day: The 3-Day trainings are highly recommended.  Most people who’ve attended a 2-Day Training later remark that they wish they had attended the 3-Day version due to their excitement with the training and their desire to further solidify their new found confident and powerful stance.
  • 2-Day: Though very valuable, the 2-Day trainings have less video feedback and fewer solo exercises (both valuable for reinforcing new learning).  Also, segment lengths inevitably vary depending on the number of participants and the individual needs of each group.  Therefore, the 2-day training may or may not include all components listed on the 3-Day course outlines.
What is the difference between Onsite trainings, Public Executive Presence (EP) Workshops, and Host a Training?

The content of each training is identical.  The only difference is how the trainings come into being:  

  • The onsite Executive Presence Training or Outstanding Youth trainings are requested by pre-established groups such as companies, organizations and clubs. We deliver the training onsite solely for the requesting organization.
  • Public Executive Presence Workshops are executive presence/confidence trainings held in areas predetermined by Cream of the Crop Leaders, and seat up to fifteen adults. We currently do not host public Outstanding Youth programs (see Hosted trainings, next, to bring any workshop to you). Registration is by first fully paid-first reserved Learn more.
  • Host a Training in Your Area is any training brought to a particular metro area by request of a Host (anyone can be a Host). The Host receives a free seat (for themselves a loved one) just by completing one task. In addition, the Host receives an Empowerment Partner plaque that reflects his/her role in creating empowerment for others. There is no obligation, and the Host can stop at any time. Learn more.
Is Executive Presence and Confidence only for leaders or those lacking in confidence?
  • Executive Presence (EP) and Learned Confidence (LC) are for everyone, including those with a fairly intact sense of self. This is because good self-esteem doesn’t necessarily translate into skills for communicating our gifts with others.  EP is the ability to radiate, without words, credibility, power and confidence.  Learned Confidence (LC) is the goal of our youth training, which is based on research that shows that learned confidence becomes authentic and has enormous implications for improving lives of youth. Both teach an extraordinary combination of inner peace and vitality and the related positive implications are vast.
  • Because The Executive Presence Training offers such profound improvement in personal morale and initiative, it’s also enormously beneficial to those who don’t work in a traditional organization (like artists or writers, job seekers, retirees, and dedicated stay-at-home parents). That said, there are particular business benefits that make The Executive Presence Training especially well-suited for organizations and employees of all industries, like boosting ROI, creating challenge-approach employees, increasing perseverance, improving organizational morale, and enhancing sales.
  • These skills are essential for a more peaceful world.
Do you offer SHRM, HRCI, Nursing CNEs or Other CEUs for your programs?

Yes, we sure do.  Please visit our SHRM, HRCI & CEUs page for information about continuing education units:

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): Cream of the Crop Leaders (COTC Inc.) is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) and Recertification Credits for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP.
  • Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI): The HR Certification Institute has pre-approved the Executive Presence Training and many other trainings/services for HR (General) credit.
  • Nurses and (State licensing board dependent) Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Social WorkersThe Executive Presence Training was approved for CNE credits by the Western Multi-State Division, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Commission on Accreditation.  Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah Nurses Associations are members of the Western Multi-State Division of the American Nurses Association.
What is your federal tax I.D. number?

Cream of the Crop Leaders’ (COTC Inc.) is a California Corporation. Federal Tax I.D. number is 35-2495030 (COTC Inc.)

Discounts for Onsite + Public Workshops

Sure do.

For our Public workshops:

  • Do you believe in equality of all races, genders, religions, nationalities, sexual orientation, and equality of all categories?  We sure do, and that’s why we offer our biggest discount to people who support equality.  And, we offer many more discounts for our Public EP Workshops, including multiple employee, friend, and discounts for CEU groups.
  • Each employee from nonprofit agencies (NGOs) and official government organizations receive $100 off a seat worldwide.  Veterans also receive $100 off each public workshop seat.
  • Discount Codes for Public Workshops:  Please scroll to the bottom of the Public Executive Presence Workshop Page. 

For Onsite or Private Group workshops, we offer a 5% discount on the workshop fee (before expenses) for nonprofit (NGO), government or Veteran organizations.  Please ask.

Is it normal to be nervous?

It seems that almost everyone, from C-Suite member to line worker, arrives a bit nervous, especially to The Executive Presence Training, so no need to hide it. This nervousness typically passes. We are fully committed to providing a safe and supportive atmosphere. This is because we know that an accepting atmosphere allows for deep, meaningful and lasting learning, and that’s what we intend to leave you with.  Many of our services involve laughter and maybe a tear or two, both hallmarks of truly transformational trainings like ours.  If you have any serious issues with anxiety, please contact us well in advance.

Attire: What should I wear to the training?

There are no hard and fast rules here.  A very important executive presence tip, however, is to dress to where you want to go professionally.  For most of us, this means dressing one step more formally from your typical professional attire. To eliminate training-morning stress and allow yourself the opportunity to get wardrobe feedback (during your individual coaching mini-session or from your peers – just ask), it may be beneficial to preselect your training clothing.  Ultimately, we want you to be comfortable, so find a solution that serves you best.

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