Power and Confidence: How to get both.


Real power is benevolent, and necessary. As Rollo May said, “Power is essential for all living things. The word power comes from the Latin posse, meaning “to be able.” No human being can exist for long without some sense of his significance. S/he must be able to feel this ‘I count for something” and live out of this felt significance.”

Your power is good for you – and good for the world. Do something different this year – learn how to project power and confidence. One word for learned power is executive presence – and it’s not just for executives.

What Is Executive Presence? Have you ever noticed how some people – without saying a word – radiate a calm, commanding authority that automatically generates respect and high-performance? You’ve seen it before: when these people walk in a room, everyone sits up a bit straighter, brushes off excuses, and gets down to business. These commanding individuals have a way of being that commands respect, creates top performance, and cements relationships.

Our Executive Presence Training will show you how to radiate similar levels of power, confidence and warm credibility. This creates buy-in and builds solid relationships. Because the power we teach becomes REAL – the effect is not a stiff, manufactured leadership persona. Instead, each participant re-kindles her/his own latent power and develops his/her own unique version of relational executive power. And because the learned power is based in authenticity, people respond favorably. The way that we teach EP works.

Cream of the Crop Leaders’ Executive Presence Training is
(1) Exciting + unique
(2) Top Rated by leaders from Facebook and more, see reviews: http://creamofthecropleaders.com/about/reviews
(3) Transformational – 90% Interactive
(4) Hugely personalized; only 16 participants and
(5) offers Employee Reimbursement + CEUs

Rare Public Workshop:
Only 16 Seats – Reserve Yours | Tampa, Florida: http://creamofthecropleaders.com/training/executive-presence-workshop/

Reviews from Q3 + Q4 2016:

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