Interactive Executive Presence + Confidence Keynote

Exciting + Energy-Lifting, Group Favorite!
Top-Rated| Research-Based

Everyone practices right from their seats.

Accommodates groups of all sizes.

This interactive keynote presentation is based on our top-rated Executive Presence Training some research which shows that learned power [executive presence – confidence] becomes authentic, creates buy-in with key stakeholders, increases chances of advancement, lowers stress, improves mood and creates challenge-approach people (other research negates this; please view all on our research page).

Participants are fully engaged. Each practices tools of the trade to appear confident, credible and powerful – right from their seats.

The effect on your event:  Boosts energy, raises your event ratings, and leaves your participants enthusiastic and vibrant!

Double Bonus:  Your participants gain key skills that improve professional and personal situation outcomes – and also leave motivated.

  • "After just a few minutes practicing these skills, I will be seen the way I want to be seen."  

    Brandy L.
  • "Powerful concepts from this quick overview will have a significant impact on my career!"  

    Mark H.

Title options:

  • Executive Presence: Practice Tools to Radiate Credibility + Create Buy-In
  • Learned Confidence Becomes Authentic: Practice Tools to Radiate Credibility + Create Buy-In
  • Customized Titles, too


Each participant in this Interactive Keynote will:

  • Practice exciting and energy-lifting non-verbal techniques to appear and feel impressive with influential people.
  • Identify and correct common insecurity indicators

Since everyone, from C-Suite to emerging leaders, wants to look and feel credible and confident, this event is a Group Favorite.  Raises event energy.

For All Industries + Audiences

Everyone loves it:

Executive to Emerging Leaders

Corporate or Creative Groups

Formal or Casual Events

“Power causes individuals to feel
more positive, in control
and more likely to take action.”

Harvard Business School research

About the Speaker

Guest Speaker Biography: Sioux Messinger

Sioux Messinger, Cream of the Crop Leaders’ CEO, Small

Sioux Messinger and Cream of the Crop Leaders have helped top executives appear confident, credible and powerful, including leaders from organizations including Facebook, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and many more.

What’s it like?
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The energy in the room during is electric and expansive. Participants are smiling, curious and excited.

Toward the end, each exudes a radiant, benevolent power.

All types of people love it, even top leaders. After all, we all want to look and feel our best.

Recent + Upcoming Speaking + Training Engagements

AONE Summit 2016 (Association of Nurse Executives): March 31, 2016

  • Topic: Executive Presence for Nurse Leaders:  Practice Tools to Radiate Credibility and Create Buy-In

Harvard Medical Center (HMS): August 6, 2014

  • Topic – Executive Presence-Confidence: Skills to Look and Feel Confident, Credible & Powerful. Offered at HMS but not exclusively for HMS members

Princeton, D & R Greenway: August 10, 2014

  • Topic – Executive Presence-Confidence: Skills to Look and Feel Confident, Credible & Powerful

AT & T Park (San Francisco Giants Ballpark), Ed Rev: May 3, 2014

  • Topic: Confidence Can Be Learned – and Becomes Authentic

Ruth Asawa SOTA: March 26, 2014

  • Topic – Executive Presence-Learned Confidence: Skills to Look and Feel Credible & Powerful

University of California, San FranciscoSchool of Medicine, As Clinical Faculty, Department of Psychiatry: 2004 – Present, intermittently

  • Topic:  Executive Presence – August 15, 2016
  • Topic: Establishing Your Professional Presence (offered several times from 2007)
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Cost & Specifications for All Keynotes


Customization:  Interactive Guest Speaker Keynotes are customized for your industry, audience and gender/age mix.

Format:  Typically 45 minutes – 1.25 hours. Longer and alternate speaker formats (1/2 in a.m. +  1/2 in p.m.) are also available.

Cost:  Please fill out our Quick Quote below. We know you’re working on a deadline and will return your quote very soon.

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