Executive Team Building

Team building isn't just a 'nice' thing to do.
It's business smart.

3 Amazing Options.

  • “Significant bonding experience…brought a group of ‘strangers’ to a point where we felt like a family.”

    David S.
  • “Terrific - it became a bonding experience for all involved.”

    Leonard Y.
  • "I immediately connected with others and built the levels of trust that I had always strived for."

    Tristan M.
  • "I developed a close bond with the others.  It was also fun!!"

    Peggy F.

Think about your own experience.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been a member in two different types of groups

Group experience 1: You sensed that you weren’t an integral member. You sat back; you felt disengaged, you often glanced at your watch. Even C-Suite members and Senior Leaders can feel invisible.

Result: Your investment was submarginal. Your involvement was questionably profitable.

Group experience 2: You sensed that members truly valued your contribution. You sat up straighter, maybe leaned forward. Without much effort, you paid attention, rolled up your sleeves, and lent your heart. You invested your energy and you cared.

Result: Whoever paid for your time got their money’s worth.

Why pay for ½ leaders? Reveal the Treasures you already have.

When your employees feel invisible, you lose the unique contributions you hired them for.  

Even more, their disengagement infects your entire organization, and costs your organization both HR and managerial time and money. 

Team Building improves productivity, morale and saves you time and money. Teambuilding is common-sense. Corporate, executive, and leader team building pays for itself.

The Executive Presence (EP) Experience

Profoundly Team Building

Who doesn’t want to look and feel a bit more confident?  From C-Suite to emerging leaders, everyone loves this teambuilding training.

Our Executive Presence Confidence Experience is based on our top-rated Executive Presence (EP) Training and is the quintessential executive team building experience. This teambuilding is loud, fun, and each member will come to appreciate the strengths of the other team members. Highly interactive, the Executive Presence Experience team building leaves teams powerfully united, connected, and aligned toward an exciting and effective shared way of being.  And, it’s a shared way of being that’s good for your business!

See Executive Presence Course Outline, Benefits & Methods. (Not just for Executives…it’s for Everyone).

Each participant witnesses and supports the other team members’ growth. Since every participant is naturally stronger in some areas than others, each learns to respect their colleagues’ strengths – and forms compassion for their colleagues’ challenges. The result is a hugely exciting and warm group connection based on mutual understanding that leaves your team poised for results. It seems that every time we close a session of this training, participants spontaneously form for a group photo; what do you think this reflects? Alignment and connection! You’ll be amazed.

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DiSC Personality-Behavior Style Teambuilding Sessions

Tried + True – for a good reason.

DiSC Personality-Behavior Style Teambuilding Sessions: Led by a Certified DiSC Trainer Dan Messinger, the DiSC model is non-blaming. It is widely used because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

  • DiSC leadership team development will help each employee identify and appreciate the personality styles, dominant strengths – and the strengths/challenges of his/her coworkers.
  • Each will also learn ways to develop their strengths and work through their challenges.
  • The DiSC model is inherently team building
  • The DiSC system becomes a lasting foundation for compassionate and effective interpersonal understanding among employees for years to come.

Each participant will:

  • Increase self-knowledge about personal conflict style, motivations, work stress triggers and problem solving habits
  • Become a better team player and one that is less likely to initiate conflict
  • Develop stronger sales and customer service skills by identifying and responding to customer DiSC styles

Leaders will:

  • Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions of employees and team members
  • Understand the managerial priorities of each team member type
  • Become more self-knowledgeable, well-rounded and effective leaders

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Customized Team Building

Let’s get creative.

Get our juices flowing. We LOVE designing customized teambuilding experiences, and we know just how to do it. 

With over 35 years combined curriculum development experience, we’ll nail 4 tracks to make your team building the best ever:

  1. Interactive:  Keep them engaged.
  2. Connecting:  Make them closer.  Build bridges.  Heal tensions.
  3. Take Away Skills:  Develop skills that will benefit your business.
  4. Professional Yet Fresh:  We receive top-ratings because we know how to marry Polished with Exciting.

We Build the Best.

Give us a call.  Let’s talk.

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Team Building 101

  • Employee productivity goes up: Your team building experience just paid for itself
  • Morale goes up: HR costs go down
  • Litigation goes down
  • You’ve contributed to a peaceful world: When employees feel valued, they end their work day with you as a happier human being (less frustrated); maybe they even have a bit more pep in the old step. This translates into more Moms, Dads and people with smiles-of-the-valued on their faces when they open that front door and greet their loved ones.

When you invest in leadership team development, you invest in your bottom line – and a happier world.


  • Pricing is dependent upon location, size of your group, the number of service days, and other straightforward variables.
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Customized Executive Team Building Experiences
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Crafted around your company goal, project, mission statement or unique needs, we’ll work closely with you to design an event that fits the culture of your organization and the needs of your group. Our leadership team development customization will exceed your expectations.

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Create powerful, purposeful and confident TEAMS.

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