Customer Service Training


Cream of the Crop Leaders offers two Top-Rated

 customer service trainings.

The Executive Presence (EP) Training

for High Level Customer Service Leaders

Up to 16 participants; 2-3 Day Versions

The Executive Presence (EP) Training is customer service training for the serious five-star aspiring institution and its leaders, and it’s unlike any customer care training you’ve ever attended. If you’re committed to creating a five-star customer service culture, our EP Training is your blueprint.

Here’s what we know and what we teach: Five-star customer care is elegant, calm and present. It stems from a warm, intentional way of being that is customer-focused. It’s more of a “sweep-you-off-your-feet” way of being than a squeaky-cheerleader “Hi!”. Our Executive Presence Training will teach both your executive team and your line staff how to interact with clients and customers in a way that makes them purr.

Essential for senior staff and crucial for emerging leaders, this transformational training prepares your leaders for both crucial prospective-client meetings as well as high-level customer care interactions. Yet, it’s not just for sales or client-focused staff; it’s for your entire leadership and executive team.

As an added benefit, our executive-presence based customer service trainings are inherently teambuilding. Your employee team group will re-enter your organization with a shared radiant presence that creates and maintains customers for life.

View Executive Presence Training benefits, outcomes and training outline.

Customer Service Excellence:

A Hero-Based Approach

Up to 24 participants; 7 – 14 hours

Customer service is the face of your organization and is directly related to return-customer rates, online reviews – and profit. This top-of-the-line extraordinary customer service training is customized to make extensive use of role-play to practice the customer interactions most common to your organization. These customized customer-interactions are carefully designed by our team to build both in complexity and intensity. By putting the pressure on slowly and steadily, we teach each member of your team to remain calm, gracious and centered throughout stressful customer service interactions. And, here’s the part that creates employees who want to offer great customer service (which can lead to five-star reviews): We teach participants to change his/her perspective from unwitting victim to willing Hero.

Poor customer service creates a vicious cycle of increasingly difficult and litigious customers – and compounds itself in poor morale among your employee and management teams. In this highly-interactive customer service training, employees learn how to provide that “extra bit” of care by developing warm, Hero-based customer interactions.

In doing so, each participant learns to view difficult customer interactions as heart-based challenges, and moves away from an employee-as-victim mentality to an employee-as-hero attitude. This fun, empowering stance turns difficult customers into loyal followers, and boosts your employee morale.

Who doesn’t like to be a Hero?

Pricing for our Customer Service Trainings

Cream of the Crop Leaders

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How are these 2 customer service trainings different?  

Five-Star Customer Service through Executive Presence Training: There is simply nothing like this training for creating a 5-Star customer service culture. Highly-interactive and limited to only 15 participants, the exercises in this course are focused more on way-of-being and way-of-presenting oneself rather than specific customer service interactions. Inherently team-building, your leaders will return to your workplace with as energized role-models for truly supreme customer service. Testimonials from this training are over the top. Please see Outline & Benefits.

Customer Service Excellence: A Hero-Based Approach
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Customer Service Excellence: A Hero-Based Approach is high-powered and focuses on two key components: role-playing those customer-service interactions typical at your organization and changing one’s perspective from unwitting victim to willing Hero. It’s fun. It’s loud. It’s highly interactive - and it’s effective because the skills practiced over and over again using your scenarios. Seats up to 24 participants.

Pricing for our Customer Service Trainings

Cream of the Crop Leaders

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