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Leadership training is the blueprint for your organization’s future performance. Get it right.
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Some of our award-winning best leadership training programs:

  • Have been noted in Fortune magazine
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Best Leadership Trainings - Foundational Ones

For Leaders & Emerging Leaders

Best Leadership Trainings - for Masters

For Executive Teams, Leaders & Emerging Leaders

Pricing for our Best Leadership Trainings

Pricing for Leadership Training

For Leaders & Emerging Leaders

Best Leadership Essentials Training – Foundational

Mix and match our leadership training components to build a training day best for your organization.

(up to 7 hours per day)

Coaching & Counseling: Corrective Action

  • 3.5 hours
  • This crucial leadership training provides leaders with the practical steps to understand when and how to coach and counsel their employees. These fundamental skills guide necessary disciplinary conversations, as well coaching conversations designed to help employees achieve goals. These skills are absolutely fundamental for any leader. Coaching and counseling skills help to create trust between employees and senior management, and ensure a productive and aligned work force. A crucial leadership development training component.


Situational Leadership II (Situational Leadership I does not exist)

  • 3.5 hours, Blanchard SLII Training, led by a Certified SLII Trainer
  • Time-tested, there are good reasons why this leadership training is still a gold-standard. Situational Leadership II provides leaders with a remarkably simple and effective model to achieve two crucial tasks: diagnose the development needs of each of their supervisees – and then apply a corresponding leadership style designed to propel development targets. This solid and easy to apply leadership-style identification system creates confident and focused leaders. Further, supervisees respond to their leader’s customized guidance style with higher work satisfaction, improved engagement and higher retention.


Supporting Your Staff While Supporting Senior Management

  • 3.5 hours
  • Unique and Effective: One of the most difficult challenges for any leader is to support their staff’s needs and concerns while also supporting the policies, procedures, and direction of senior management. Often a manager will be either compassionate with their employees (and join a gripe session against senior management), or the manager will so fiercely support upper management that they will lack empathy (and therefore credibility) with their staff. This leadership development training helps leaders learn how to support both teams, therefore decreasing divisions within the company and the “Us vs. Them” mentality that destroys organizations.


Creating a High Performance Organization: Accountability

  • 4 hours
  • This leadership training gives leaders the skills to inspire, motivate, and hold employees accountable for their performance. This high-octane leadership development training leaves leaders pumped to ramp up their teams when the training is finished.


Crucial Behavioral Interviewing Skills

  • 2 hours
  • This leadership training provides leaders with simple yet pivotal skills to effectively weed out toxic applicants, and leads to stronger organizations and reduced turnover costs. Depending upon the position, it costs a company an enormous amount of revenue each time an employee is hired (due to lost productivity when the position is open, train-up time, advertising costs, etc.). Effective interviews are key to deciding whether a potential employee will either complement or poison a team.


Mindful Delegation:

  • 1.5 hours
  • Many leaders either forget to delegate tasks, or do so haphazardly, resulting in leader overwhelm and loss of bench strength. This leadership training offers clear methods for identifying good delegation opportunities, how to create seamless task transfer. This leadership development training dovetails with succession planning efforts, and is a welcome relief to managers.

Additional Courses: Please contact us for more information about any of these trainings:

Stress Management

Time Management for Top Performers

Strategic Planning: The Essentials

Leveraging Change as Opportunity

The Art of Negotiation: Interest-Based Negotiation

Effective Time Management

Managing Stress: Real Tools That Work

Cultivating Care in the Workplace

Proactive Responses to Negativity

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Competitive Per Employee Rates – yet Top Quality.

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Competitive Per Employee Rates – yet Top Quality.

Best Leadership Trainings – for Masters

Advanced Leadership Training: For Executive Teams, Leaders & Emerging Leaders. Up to 24 employees unless marked with *

Mix and match our leadership training components to build a training day best for your organization.

(up to 7 hours per day)

  1. Executive Presence (EP) Training*: The top-rated flagship course of Cream of the Crop LeadersClick here for Course Outline & Benefits
    • 2 – 3 Day Versions available: The 3-day course is recommended. Maximum 16 participants.
    • These unique leadership development trainings are Harvard research-based, and are proven to help leaders feel and appear powerful and confident. The skills in these leadership trainings build an executive presence, enhance one’s tendency to approach rather than avoid challenges, increase client trust and believability, improve collegial relationships, and bolster both individual and organizational mood and morale. The result is leaders who can squarely establish themselves through an elegant yet powerful bearing. These leadership trainings change the lives of professionals. Highly-personalized, maximum participants 15. Profoundly teambuilding.


  1. Way of Leadership*: A Transformational Leadership Series
    • A series of 3-hour in-depth transformational leadership experiences
    • Highly transformational, these sessions are attended by the same group of leaders over a span of time, i.e. a training every quarter for 1-2 years. Through this exciting series, leaders transform the way they conduct business. In addition, these experiences are highly teambuilding. Recommended attendance is on a voluntary basis as these remarkable experiences require each participant to go beyond their comfort zones to become the leader they always imagined themselves to be. Sessions are designed to require honest self-reflection and the ability to give and receive feedback from peers. Participants also work on, and are held accountable for, self-directed goals between sessions. Topical outline available upon request. Maximum 15 participants.

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Competitive Per Employee Rates – yet Top Quality.

Indispensible Leadership Trainings – for All

For all staff, including C-Suite, VPs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, line level employees. Up to 24 participants

Mix and match our leadership training components to build a training day best for your organization.

(up to 7 hours per day)

Trust & Credibility

  • 3 hours
  • In this training, employees learn the foundation of credibility and the specific behaviors to gain and lose credibility. Each participant will learn how to become trustworthy in the eyes of others as well as how to establish high trust relationships with their team members. This training translates into more productive and efficient teams.

Peer-to-Peer Feedback & Communication Skills:

  • 4.5 hours
  • This training is the foundation for a culture of high engagement. Associates learn how to give and receive feedback as well as how to address critical issues. This training helps associates transform potential conflicts into creative opportunities that build a sense of mutual partnership rather than a win-lose outcome. Essential for improving productivity and reducing HR costs.

Core Accountability

  • 4 hours
  • Increased accountability results in higher productivity and personal satisfaction. This leadership development training addresses the often unexpressed frustration with lagging accountability. In addition, it helps employees increase their own accountability through a variety of in-depth tools, thought-techniques and practical exercises. Each participant will learn how to take responsibility for external events in ways that are usually far beyond what they had previously understood.

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Competitive Per Employee Rates – yet Top Quality.

Create powerful, purposeful and confident TEAMS.